Mayor of San Bernardo opposes construction of ANFP building

This Sunday morning, the mayor of San Bernardo, Leonel Cádiz, issued a statement opposing the construction of a corporate building for the ANFP in the commune.

In the statement, the local president explains that his rejection “has to do with the inconsiderate way of deciding on a project in the commune, without asking people and deciding over the people who live in San Bernardo ”.

“My efforts are in the order of increasing the green areas, improving the service infrastructure for the neighbors, optimizing the mobilization and improving the health and education systems of the community. In this context, allocate a space of 17 hectares of green area to intervene with cement and concrete, and build a corporate building of the ANFP with fields and other facilities, it goes in the opposite direction to what San Bernardo needs ”, he added.

For the mayor, there is a “It bothers me that when I think about this place, one of the arguments of the authority is to comply with the requirement of being close to the Central Highway, in order to provide good road connectivity to those who will be users of this site. This is how we should always think of all the residents of San Bernardo who need to improve their connectivity.

Likewise, he recalled that one must think about “the known problems surrounding the facilities that are related to football, such as the actions of fans and brave bars.”

It is important to highlight that the place has an intimate sense of history and environmental conservation, both heritage that we do not want to damage. In the same way, I ask myself, what do the residents of San Bernardo really gain from this project? ”, He concluded.

UNO Agency.


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