Mazda 3 comes with an economical diesel engine

The Mazda 3 costs around 23,000 euros. © Mazda

The fourth generation Mazda 3 will be launched in March. The Japanese will also offer their compact model with a Diesotto engine.

The starting price for Mazda 3 will be at least 22.990 euros, as announced by the manufacturer. For driving, there are initially two engines to choose: a 2.0-liter petrol engine with Mildhybrid and cylinder deactivation or a € 1.800 diesel for a € 2300 surcharge.

Another engine will then be followed by the first self-igniting petrol engine in a production vehicle. This so-called Diesotto with 2.0 liters of displacement and around 180 hp should be robust and turn like a gasoline engine and as economical as a diesel, the engineers explain the unconventional drive principle.

Petrol engine with a power of 122 hp

In the two engines available to start the petrol engine delivers 122 hp, accelerates in the best case 10.4 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h, reaches a peak of 197 km / h and reaches the consumption levels of 5.1 liters ( 117 g / km CO2). For the Mazda diesel called values ​​of 116 hp, 10.3 seconds, 194 km / h, 4.1 liters and 107 g / km. Both engines can be ordered as an alternative to manual transmission with a six-speed automatic transmission.

In wrestling with competitors like VW Golf or Hyundai the i30 has put the Japanese hatchback not only on a striking design, but also on a luxuriant base gear. According to the manufacturer, the basic model already has extras such as LED headlights, automatic distance control, a head-up display or touchscreen navigation.

The space is 4.46 meters long and 2.73 meters of pitch in most of the average, just like the trunk from 358 to 1026 liters. The variant of the second body arrives in the summer a sedan with a classic cut. (Dpa / TMN)



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