Mazda: Mazda gets help from Toyota

The newcomer is a Toyota Yaris that is slightly modified exterior and interior and affixed with Mazda logos.

And this is not bad news for Mazda dealers, because the Yaris is Norway’s by far best-selling small car when we disregard electric cars. According to OFV, 1353 new Yaris have been registered so far this year, while the Mazda2 is very modest with only 15 cars.

This means that Mazda gets its first hybrid on the Norwegian market. The driveline consists of a 1.5-liter petrol engine which in combination with an electric motor gives a system power of 116 horsepower.

The average consumption is stated at 0.38 liters per mile, corresponding to a CO2 emission of 87 grams per kilometer.

At start-up, the car automatically goes into EV mode, and during normal driving, the power is distributed between the petrol and the electric motor to achieve the lowest possible consumption and emissions.

Mazda dealers will start delivering the new Mazda2 Hybrid in April and the newcomer will be sold in parallel with the existing Mazda2.

Prices are not yet clear, but it is expected to be priced at about the same level as Yaris for which you will find prices and data here.

Toyota RAV4 is already sold as Suzuki Across i Norge, and in other European markets Auris is sold under the name Suzuki Swace Hybrid.

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