McCarthy does not plan to stop being a deputy after his dismissal as leader of the Lower House

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The former president of the House of Representatives of USAKevin McCarthy He indicated this Friday that he does not plan to stop being a congressman after his dismissal this week and announced that he will run for a new term as a legislator in the 2024 elections.

“I am not going to resign. I will serve the entire term. I have much more to do,” the Republican told the press at the Capitol.

McCarthy was removed as leader of the House this past Tuesday after the motion presented against him by the radical Matt Gaetzfrom his own party, was approved by 216 votes in favor and 210 against.

With his departure history was made because never before in the United States has a ‘speaker’, as that position is known in English, been revoked.

The legislator pointed out that he never considered resigning and advanced that in the 2024 legislative elections will choose to renew his seat as representative of California’s 20th district and “expand the majority” that Republicans have in the Lower House.

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