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McDonald has appointed the CEO for the new TFR

McDonald will pay a salary at the former head of the company for six months. He was fired for a relationship with an employee, which is prohibited by company rules

Photo: Tyrone Siu / Reuters

McDonald will pay the former CEO Steve Easterbrook, who was fired for a relationship with an employee, a severance pay in the form of a six-month salary. In 2018, they were 1.35 million dollars, relationships The Wall Street Journal, citing a company statement.

The publication notes that last year Easterbrook earned $ 15.9 million, his successor was Chris Kempchinsky, who led the company in the United States. WSJ reports that he was assigned a salary of $ 1.25 million.

McDonald also said that a few days after Easterbrook's dismissal, David Fairhurst, vice president of human resources, left the company. The reason for his departure is not called.

McDonald's actions fell between the CEO's resignation due to romance

On the eve it was learned that McDonald's leadership fired the 52-year-old Easterbrook due to his relationship with one of the company's employees. Despite the fact that the former CEO was divorced and that the report was by mutual agreement, he violated McDonald's business rules. According to them, employee novels are forbidden.



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