McGregor has another problem! What did he do this time?


It was supposed to be a peaceful evening like any other. Facchinetti and his wife spent time together with McGregor and his fiancée. Around half past two in the morning, the two couples were ready to leave, but McGregor suddenly attacked the Italian singer, which was watched from afar by several guests present as well as bodyguards.

“At 2.30 that night, I was attacked by Mr. McGregor, who punched me in the mouth and broke my nose. He attacked me without motivation. We talked for more than two hours. I could keep quiet and say nothing to anyone. But I have to say that the man is really violent and dangerous, “Facchinetti published on his Instagram.

Facchinetti’s wife Wilma also commented in detail on the whole incident later.

“Suddenly he struck Francesca. Conor invited us to another party, which we agreed to. Francesco also agreed, whom he then struck. Fortunately, they were very close, so McGregor couldn’t hit him with all his might. Francesco fell to the table and then to the ground. I turned to see his friends holding him against the wall because he wanted to keep beating Francesca. Then they took him somewhere. “

So far, this is unsubstantiated information. In the coming days, it might be clear whether Facchinetti’s statement was true.

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McGregor’s behavior outside the cage is not exactly exemplary. Two months ago, at the MTV awards, he tried to attack the American rapper Machine Gun Kelly on the red carpet. Also in this case, no one has any idea why the incident occurred.

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