MEB overview of medicines ‘Switching unwanted’ available | News release

News release | 03/30/2021 | 4:00 pm

The Ministry of Health, Welfare & Sport (VWS) has received from the Medicines Evaluation Board (MEB) an overview of medicines where, in the interest of the patient, switching is not desirable. This concerns medicines for which incorrect intake, or use of the necessary aids for this purpose, can lead to serious health problems in patients.

The list ‘Switching Undesirable’ contains medicines for which restraint is required for non-medical reasons due to their properties or the associated aid. Switching can be confusing and lead to incorrect intake resulting in medical problems. The list concerns medicines that the patient (or caregiver) must take himself. This does not include medicines that are administered by a healthcare provider in a hospital or care center.

The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport instructed the MEB to draw up the list in May 2020, after the administrative process with the parties involved had not resulted in an agreement for a joint list.

Careful research by MEB

The list presented today was drawn up after a careful investigation of almost a year in which the MEB involved stakeholders, such as the (industry associations for) general practitioners, patients, pharmacists, medical specialists and health insurers. The MEB will evaluate the list annually and adjust it if necessary.

Minister van Ark of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport endorses the MEB’s position that caution is advised when changing the resources on the overview. The change can only take place in a responsible and safe manner if the patient is supervised during a change with care and attention. She informed the Lower House of this in a letter today.

She is confident that doctors, pharmacists and health insurance companies will prioritize the use of the list. After all, patients should not run any unnecessary health risks as a result of switching medicines.

Consultation of the parties involved

The parties have indicated that, in the interest of the patient, they will look again at the possibilities of administrative agreements about the safe exchange of medicines. The ministry has indicated that it will help where possible to ensure that these agreements are made. Consultations on this will take place shortly.

For more information and the overview ‘Wisselen Ongewenst’, visit the website of the MEB.

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