Media Markt & Saturn: the central artificial intelligence should drive the price war against Amazon


Behind the electronic media markets Markt and Saturn, a central Artificial Intelligence, in the future will increase the weight in the fight against Amazon. This is the heart of a new pricing strategy, with which you want to be able to compete much better with flexible online competition in the future.

From the summer onwards, IA should carry out continuous data analysis and translate it into centralized prices for the Group. "This is how we want to be one step ahead of our competitors," said Karin Sonnenmoser, chief financial officer of the parent company Ceconomy at DPA. In this way, we want to give the chain of stores, which are already in crisis for some time, finally a new momentum.

The problem here is not just the fact that online purchases would be cheaper. If you look around at malls, you shouldn't discover a gaping void. Fight local branches rather with price transparency, which is increased by online providers. From the smartphone, every visitor to an electronic market today has a direct comparison with the conditions of Amazon and Co., so that the devices are often looked at in the store, but then purchased online.

Even online, it's not optimal

An avant-garde artificial intelligence system would therefore have the possibility of keeping an eye on the developments of the network at any time and of adjusting the prices in the branches directly through centralized instructions. This does not necessarily mean that fixed stores always have the lowest price. Rather, this analysis system would be able to take into consideration even more factors and more likely to aim for an optimal value, in which the sales data are quite high, but also holds a slightly greater margin.

At the same time, obviously, you want to carry on your online business. At present, the sales quota of sales in the network is 14% on Media Markt and Saturn. However, in the entire electronics business, 30 percent of sales are already made online, so Ceconomy still has a clear air here.

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Supermarket, media market, media market, electronics market
Supermarket, media market, media market, electronics market
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