News Media on test failure in Bavaria: "Dangerous overconfidence"

Media on test failure in Bavaria: “Dangerous overconfidence”

The comments on the test failure are full of criticism of Prime Minister Söder and his state government: You have massively embarrassed yourself, it is said, for example. But the federal government is also seen to have an obligation.

The “Nürnberger Nachrichten” sharply criticizes the Munich state government: “The realization is not new: Bavarian politics tends to overestimate itself. That is sometimes amusing, but dangerous with Corona.” Especially when the government has learned nothing from mistakes. “The country is embarrassing itself to the bone,” the paper continues. “Because it shows that it cannot keep up with its own full-bodied announcements.”

“The most devastating point of test failure is medical in nature,” says the “Mittelbayrische Zeitung” from Regensburg. Prime Minister Markus Söder and Health Minister Melanie Huml only remain in the face of hundreds of uninformed people who have tested positive “to pray that there are as few ‘super spreaders” as possible.” You would have to hope that those returning from high-risk areas would adhere to the quarantine obligation if the test result is missing. But: “Unfortunately, based on human experience, it cannot be expected that this was the case in all cases.”

“Söder’s image has got scratched”

The daily topics primarily target Söder: “Everything under control! That is Markus Söder’s management style.” But this control had slipped away from him. “His quick decisions, his rushing ahead had given him the reputation of the top crisis manager in the past. To create test stations in no time – to create structures so that holidaymakers are not only tested quickly, but also quickly informed – Söder underestimated the effort . ” The fact that many are lulled into a false sense of security remains “serious damage”: “The image of the man who basically said: ‘Only those who can manage a crisis can also become a chancellor!’ got scratched. “

The “Frankfurter Rundschau” also sees Söder as responsible: “He wanted the voluntary tests for all those returning to travel and he wanted them quickly – despite warnings of capacity bottlenecks.” In doing so, he went beyond the agreement between the federal and state governments, which only review returnees from risk areas. “Söder spoke of a ‘Service for Germany’. At the CSU in general and at Söder in particular, something is always one size larger than one size smaller. It now turns out: something is arranged quickly, but it is still organized not long.”

“No fame sheet, but also no emergency”

“Even in Markus Söders model country, not everything is going optimally,” says the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” (NOZ): “A good 44,000 people are still waiting for Corona test results from Bavaria? Do the Bavarian authorities really plan to inform each individual? ” Elsewhere, only those whose results are positive will be contacted. In this case, this would have meant a three-digit number of calls, emails or SMS – not a five-digit number. “Nevertheless, one shouldn’t question the political future of the CSU boss out of malice,” says the NOZ. “The fact that the state government wobbles because the testers were overwhelmed by the quantity and the manual processing method is not a glory; but it also does not cause an emergency.”

The “Süddeutsche Zeitung” (SZ) sees the federal government as an obligation in view of the different policies of the federal states: “The federal diversity also reveals a creative approach by politicians to responsibility.” The federal and state governments are working on concepts for more staff – “but that takes far too long”. What health authorities now need is quick and capable support. It would make sense to have teams of experts who are immediately ready for action. “The federal government could take responsibility for building such a force. At least it should feel responsible,” writes the SZ.



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