Media Podcast: Why are everyone talking about freedom of expression now?

media Podcast “The Media Week”

Why are all people talking about freedom of expression now?

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Stefan Winterbauer (l.) And Christian Meier Stefan Winterbauer (l.) And Christian Meier

Stefan Winterbauer (l.) And Christian Meier

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Can you still say that? And may one still ask that, if one may say that? Many media worry these days about the freedom of expression. In the media podcast we talk about it. Plus: an interview with US reporter legend Tom Brokaw.

NAlmost all of the major opinion-forming media have written cover stories about freedom of expression in recent weeks. From WELT AM SONNTAG to “Spiegel”, “Süddeutsche Zeitung” to “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung” and “Zeit”. The stories ask if they still exist, the freedom of expression – and if so, in what condition?

In the podcast “The Media Week” we talk about it. And ask us what this emphasis says about the media itself. A storm in a glass of water, the search for attention, or justified concern for a high good, which is creeping devalued?

Tom Brokaw on the fall of the Berlin Wall

In the interview, the legendary American television presenter and reporter Tom Brokaw talks about November 9, 1989. At that time, the NBC journalist was in Berlin and reported on the fall of the Berlin Wall. Brokaw remembers u.a. to the legendary press conference of Günter Schabowski – and he talks about the role of social media and its impact on journalism.

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In addition, in this issue of the “Media Week”: The Wikipedia entry about the “mirror” counterfeiter Claas Relotius has been massively falsified in recent months. The radio station Energy Hamburg surprisingly loses its broadcasting license. And the Austrian Michael Maier, who was editor-in-chief there a long time ago, becomes managing director of the Berlin publishing house.

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If the counterfeiter demands true journalism: Claas Relotius at an event in March 2014

The “Media Week” is a podcast about the world of the media and its makers. Christian Meier, editor of the WELT, and Stefan Winterbauer, editor of the industry service Meedia, always talk on Fridays about the most important topics of the week. Subtle, analytical, entertaining.

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