MediaTek will showcase Wi-Fi 7 in January

Wi-Fi 6E technology is just entering the market, but at the upcoming CES in January, Wi-Fi 7 will be shown in action. MediaTek has announced this, which sees the new solution broader than Wi-Fi 6E. “We are going to participate in the creation of Wi-Fi 7 technology. We want to be leaders and the metaverse will be ours.”Said James Chen, vice president of marketing for MediaTek.

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“I don’t think prices will go down in the near future. [на чипы Wi-Fi]… The price increases we’ve experienced in the last 18 months are unlike anything we’ve seen in 24 years in business. There will be a gradual reduction in certain segments, but I think this is the new norm. “Said Kevin Keating, MediaTek’s director of global communications.

Wi-Fi 6E technology is really just starting to appear in very expensive routers like the $ 600 RAXE500 from Netgear. Wi-Fi 6E adapters are found in some new premium smartphones, and MediaTek has already announced a number of new Wi-Fi 6E chipsets. But if Wi-Fi 6E routers remain expensive, then Wi-Fi 7 could spread quite quickly.

The official introduction of the Wi-Fi 7 standard, also known as 802.11be, is expected in a few years – according to some reports, only by 2024. But it seems that the chip makers have decided to do it now. In addition to MediaTek, Intel and Qualcomm have taken responsibility for the new standard, although they have not yet promised to demonstrate products.

Chen clarified that Wi-Fi 7 promises significant improvements over 6E: “If you use the same number of antennas on a product with Wi-Fi 7 as in Wi-Fi 6E, the speed will increase 2.4 times. [При переходе] there was no gain from Wi-Fi 6 to 6E; we just used a new range “… Another advantage of the technology is improved protection against interference from neighboring wireless networks. The timing of the release of equipment with support for Wi-Fi 7 on the market has not yet been specified.

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