Health Medicine and Nursing, 'around the corner' with the return...

Medicine and Nursing, ‘around the corner’ with the return to normality of Primary Care

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The opening of the health centers and clinics that were closed due to the health crisis continues to be a topic of discussion. In a controversy involving both professionals and patients, the State Confederation of Medical Unions (Cesm) has raised its voice to defend the current healthcare model in the field of Primary Care. A performance of the profession that from the start of the de-escalation combines telephone screening to avoid risks of contagion, aorganized face-to-face assistance and home care for those users who need it.

“This should continue to function to meet the needs of our patients and ensure their protection,” said the medical group in a statement. In it they have evidenced their position, completely opposite to that of the Nursing Union Bet. From the latter they advocate an “urgent opening” of the centers of the first level of care. In this sense, they point out that this situation is generating “serious problems regarding the accessibility and healthcare thousands of citizens. “

The clash of health professions has arisen around the medicine consultation, in which the nurse union has denounced the transformation of this to a space “to make phone calls to patients without face-to-face assessment and little home care for them ”. On the contrary, they argue that nursing has standardized their health care and care in the majority of Autonomous Communities.

In Cesm’s opinion, this statement is a disregard for the work performed by doctors, “which is nothing more than fulfilling our obligation as responsible professionals who take care of the health of their population.” In addition, they have indicated that the return to normality in this area must have the sole endorsement of the expert recommendations and the instructions of the responsible managers.

Cruce of opinions

This being the case, the Medical Union has described Satse’s statements as “malicious version of reality”. A false statements that can “Damage the image of family doctors and pediatricians of AP” taking advantage of the occasion to request mechanisms of labor and remuneration compensation and an increase in the nursing workforce, they point out.

And it is that from the nurse group they consider necessary both the increase in templates and like the remuneration improvement of their professions. In this regard, they defend “their exceptional contribution to guarantee care and care in optimal conditions of safety, trust and closeness to patients.”

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