Medicine does not stand still! Everything about the removal of brain tumors with CUSA technology, learn from Adrian Danu and Mihai Andronic: “We use the device especially for tumors with higher risks, located in depth”

Adrian DANU, NEUROSURGEON: “Brain tumors are dense, hard in consistency and are attached to adjacent normal brain structures. The removal of these tumors involves certain risks of affecting the normal brain. In such situations, the CUSA device comes to our aid.”

CUSA is a minimally invasive surgical technique, used to remove brain tumors. During the procedure, an instrument called a transducer is used, which emits ultrasonic waves to fragment the tumor and then suction it through a catheter.

Adrian DANU, NEUROSURGEON:“An ultrasound beam is directed at the brain tumor, thus, the tumor tissues are liquefied and easily sucked into the vacuum cleaner. It allows us to keep the brain normal, unaffected and thus, its functions are not disturbed.”

CUSA is a surgical technique used especially in cases of high-risk brain tumors, which are difficult to access through traditional surgical methods.

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Mihai ANDRONIC, PHYSICIAN NEUROSURGEON: “We use the device especially for tumors with higher risks, located in depth.”

Adrian DANU, NEUROSURGEON:“Depending on the hardness of the tumors, we can select the power of ultrasound, the power of aspiration and irrigation. Thus, the device is set individually for each patient.”

This surgical technique offers several advantages over traditional surgery.

Adrian DANU, NEUROSURGEON: “The biggest advantage is its selectivity, that is, it selects pathological tissues over normal tissues. Another advantage is that the fragmentation and removal of the tumor, the period of anesthesia and surgery lasts much less.”

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Mihai ANDRONIC, PHYSICIAN NEUROSURGEON:“Around 30 percent of the operating volume is reduced with the help of the CUSA Excel device.”

CUSA surgery can help minimize the risks associated with the removal of brain tumors through the minimally invasive approach, the safe aspiration of abnormal tissue and the precise control of the removed tissue.

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Adrian DANU, NEUROSURGEON: “There are risks, but this device is used to reduce the risks of surgery.”

Mihai ANDRONIC, PHYSICIAN NEUROSURGEON: “It helps us reduce the risks of injury, hemorrhage, infection.”

It is important for the patient to discuss the CUSA surgical technique with a neurosurgery specialist and to understand all aspects of this procedure, including the risks and benefits, before making a decision regarding brain tumor treatment.

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