Sport Meet players and playable talents in Volta

Meet players and playable talents in Volta

EA SPORTS announced for FIFA 21 the access of great soccer stars and Playable talents in Volta, in the new mode-oriented content update VOLTA FOOTBALL.

Names like Mbappe, star of the FIFA 21 cover and leader of a new generation of soccer players; Diplo, award-winning artist, DJ and producer; and Anthony Joshua, Olympic gold medalist and two-time unified world heavyweight champion, will be available as avatars for fans who wish to use playable talents in VOLTA FOOTBALL.

Items and new playable talents in FIFA Volta Football

Fans can also expect to see world-class footballers like Kaka, Eric Cantona Y Trent Alexander-Arnold.

In addition, more big names will be announced soon to continue pushing the power of the stars in the VOLTA equipment.

Among other new features, this exclusive FIFA mode also welcomes apparel content updates from renowned fashion brands such as Adidas and Nike, which will be available in-game, as well as a unique collection of VOLTA FOOTBALL curated by Héctor Bellerín, who took on the role of Creative Director to design the line inspired by his roots in Barcelona’s skate scene and its current vegan lifestyle.

“Hector brings a unique perspective, not just as an elite player, but as a socially conscious voice at the intersection of soccer and fashion,” said David Jackson, vice president of brand for EA SPORTS FIFA. “We are excited to share his vision for a collection that blurs those lines, influenced by his family and his relationships in the world of fashion. The goal was to bring his taste, personality and voice to our brand in a way that engages our player base, and his first release inspired by the Barcelona skate scene does exactly that. FIFA players will definitely see more of Hector in the game this year. ”

Enjoy street football in FIFA

Just as soccer culture currently spreads off the field, new in-game releases and additions to VOLTA Vanity continue to blend real sport with the authentic culture, creativity and style of the game in tight quarters.


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