Meet: young Lithuanian motocross talent Erlandas Mackonis

The last time the Motocross Nations Cup was held was in 2019. Asene (Netherlands). This time Lithuania was represented by A.Jasikonis, D.Karka and D.Jazdauskas. However, after A. Jasikonis was injured, the Lithuanian team did not reach the A final and was ranked 28th out of 34 participants. So this time we have a rookie in the national team.

The goal is to reach the A final

2020 The competition did not take place due to quarantine, and this year the President of the Lithuanian Motorcycle Sports Federation Giedrė Janušauskė sets the goal for the Lithuanian national team to reach the A final, ie among the 20 best teams in the world.

“This is the only team competition where motocross masters can represent their country. The results of each athlete are very important in them, because they supplement the team’s score, “G. Jaunušauskė explained.

The young talent makes his debut in the national team

This time we invite you to get acquainted with the youngest member of the team, her debutant, two-time Lithuanian motocross champion in MX2 class, eighteen-year-old Erland Mackonis.

Erland can certainly be called a bright motocross personality. Although he is not racing the most powerful motorcycle, this eighteen-year-old very often finishes in the Lithuanian Motocross Championship in a general hostage, overtaking many experienced motorcyclists of the more powerful MX1 class. So it is obvious that the potential of this athlete is very high.
All the more so as Erlandas became the Lithuanian champion in the MX2 class for the second year in a row, and before that in 2018. won the 125cc class.

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Home – with Chinese “britva”

“When I was about 4-5 years old, my brother and I rode a little Chinese Briton for fun. A couple of years later, Dad bought a small KTM. And again at first we rode just for fun, we didn’t think about the achievements of the sport. My dad really likes motorcycles, that’s probably why my brother and I got this gene from him, “E.Mackonis remembers his first impressions.

Later, trained by his father Roland, the seven-year-old athlete began testing his strength in a small competition. Finally, after trying his hand at the Lithuanian Championship, accompanied by his father, he also went to Latvia. I liked it because there were a lot of rivals in the 65cc and 85cc classes.

Erland needed strong competition, so his competition geography was soon expanded by Estonia and Poland.

“Initially, I tried to gain experience. And my own abilities were already starting to show when I was 14 years old. In the 85cc class I also went to the ADAC MX Masters competition in Germany. But on the first run, I fell in the top ten and got injured. So I had to rest and even donate the name of the Lithuanian champion for rehabilitation, ”E. Mackonis recalls.

Erland says that his goal is to compete as often as possible not only in the Lithuanian championship. Therefore, this year he participated in several stages of the European Championship.

“I always have a goal in the European Championships to get to the finals. Last year, this was achieved in one of the stages in Latvia. This year I had a bit of luck in Holland, and in Latvia I drove to the finals again, ”says Erlandas Mackonis.

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He says that he will give all his strength to the Lithuanian national team, in the MX2 class Erland will achieve a high result, as long as it is not hindered by the starting excitement.


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