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Meeting between Vice President Marta Lucía Ramírez and Hillary Clinton – Government – Politics

At the invitation of the Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Vice President Marta Lucía Ramírez participated this Monday in the preparation and launch of the Beijing + 25 report, along with 23 other world leaders, most of them heads of state.

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This report commemorates a quarter of a century of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, that set a precedent in promoting women’s rights.

“The pandemic makes it clear that crises disproportionately impact women, but it also provides an unprecedented opportunity to incorporate gender considerations as the foundation for a successful recovery,” said the Vice President.

During his speech, Ramírez reiterated the call to the Multilateral Bank to condition its loans to the financing of a percentage of women’s businesses.

“We are 52% of the world’s population and yet participation in the economy is still very limited. The States must work to provide women with real guarantees in terms of job opportunities, equal pay, financial inclusion and technical assistance for their business initiatives. Multilateral Banks can play a very important role in this task, by conditioning the use of at least 20% of state loans with a gender perspective ”, he emphasized.

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The economic empowerment of women is essential for a life free of violence

Likewise, the Vice President stressed that the pandemic made the need to include women in the economy more pressing. “An economically empowered woman can equalize her conditions both at home and at work. This woman can improve access to better nutrition, will have financial resilience and will provide a better life for her children, her family and others around her.

And he expressed that this will close the fence on gender violence.

According to the IMF, the inclusion of women in the economy can increase world GDP by 35%. Furthermore, the economic empowerment of women is essential for a life free of violence. We all know that violence hits us in multiple ways. Not only physical and psychological violence, but also imperceptible violence that translates into unpaid work, economic insecurity, malnutrition, stress, wage inequality, lack of participation in politics and decision-making, among others, ”he said.

The Vice President assured that, in the post-pandemic world, women should be considered as engines of growth and recovery, and referred to the actions that Colombia is taking in this regard.

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“For the past two years we have been monitoring economic and political empowerment, as well as violence against women. During the pandemic we created the Autonomous Heritage, a public-private effort for entrepreneurship, formalization and business strengthening, through loans and investment capital in women’s businesses. We are betting on a million women with sustainable, productive, formal and scalable ventures in the next two years ”, he pointed out.

Finally, Ramírez asked to accelerate actions in favor of the full inclusion of women in the economy and in society in general, a path that will also allow closing the fence on gender violence. “The rate at which the situation of women has improved in the last 25 years is not enough. We have to do it better and faster because society and women need it and deserve it ”, he concluded.

The Beijing + 25 report, – led by the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace, and Security, along with the Rockefeller Foundation, the collaboration of the former Democratic White House candidate and former first lady Hillary Clinton, the Vice President of Colombia and other leaders world-, proposes actions for the next quarter of a century, taking into account the challenges posed by the situation due to the coronavirus.

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