Megacota Troubles. Szczecin celebrity developer at the exit of television?

Trouble for the Szczecin entrepreneur who shows his life in the TVN substation was brought by a Warsaw city activist. The resident of Szczecin may lose his place in the television program and announces that he will sue the Varsovian for slander.

Information that Arkadiusz Zgorzelski will no longer be one of the heroes of the para-documentary series “Królowe życia” broadcast by TTV circulated in the media on Thursday morning. The reason for breaking the contract was to be too much controversy over the past, but also the present life of Zgorzelski.

They were described by Jan Śpiewak, a former candidate for the mayor of Warsaw and its city activist.

“In popular YouTube videos, he boasts that he named a pig after an ex-girlfriend who committed suicide. There were four of those girls who died tragically at a young age after being married to him. From what we have found out, all of them had a serious problem with drugs before they died. As Mega Kot himself admitted, the police suspected him of the murder of one of them, “wrote Jan Śpiewak on Instagram.


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