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Megan Rapinoe has the energy of a teenager, the smile of a close relative and the look of a Tilda Swinton millennial. His presence is so powerful that the famous American photographer Steven Meisel has sufficed with a portrait of his face to become the protagonist of the new Loewe campaign. The star of the 34-year-old United States soccer team began 2019 as an unknown outside their country, conquered the World Cup, won the Golden Ball, became a cultural icon, an activist without complexes and premieres 2020 as the world brand image of the Spanish firm.

“I will continue to play football, but fashion excites me, I have a lot of fun,” he explained to ICON last December at the opening of Loewe’s first store in New York. His presence there among Hollywood celebrities such as Maggie Gyllenhaal, Chloë Sevigny or the protagonist of the series Madrid burns, Debie Mazar, was the first track of its premiere in 2020 with its first luxury fashion campaign.

Aware that because of his age he may not be able to play the 2023 world championship, the footballer has diversified his range. He is not afraid of the end of his sports career. On the contrary, in December he said he was “very excited” to all the doors that have been opened in recent months in other businesses outside of football.

Rapinoe sees his collaboration with haute couture as an opportunity to get in touch with creativity. “The goal should not be to be next to each other, but to become something more together,” he says in the statement sent by Loewe. The creative director of the brand, Jonathan Anderson, arrived in 2013 with a renewal impulse that has earned fans such as rapper A $ AP Rocky or the multi-faceted Tracee Ellis Ross.

Despite the continuing rumors of withdrawal, the player continues, for the moment, with her sports career in Seattle (Washington), where she plays at Reign FC. But among his future plans is a move to Manhattan with his wife, the four-time Olympic champion with the US basketball team. UU. Sue Bird, star of the Seattle Storm.

This jump would give him the perfect platform to continue the political profile that gave him the World Cup in France. Rapinoe has since assumed his leadership position to continue his public struggle for LGTBI rights, the equal pay in his guild and a continuous confrontation against the president, Donald Trump, initiated in the middle of the tournament when he declared that he would not go to the White House to celebrate the triumph of his team.

In these three fields, their results have been different. In 2012 he gave his first show of courage by making his homosexuality public shortly before the London Olympics. While the world is still waiting for a soccer player to do the same, she has normalized her relationship to everyone.

More difficult is the demand presented by the 28 players of the US women’s national team. UU. against his federation for discrimination in wages. It has torpedoed its intentions with the hiring of two lobbyists in its favor. At least, yes, Rapinoe can sign up a bit that almost no one has: in the end Trump had to give up before an invitation to the White House that the team has never attended.

The fervor that the soccer player awakens among her followers has made her claim a leap to politics. Something that, for the moment, makes him laugh. His playing field is the late night shows, the access that gives it its fame and social networks. It does show its face for others. Just gave your endorsement of Elizabeth Warren, Democratic senator for Massachusetts, in her candidacy for the White House in the presidential elections of 2020 and has celebrated on her Instagram account that Warren chose a violet suit to attend the candidate debate held in Des Moines (Iowa).

The same color of its characteristic toupee, which looks disheveled on the posters that will decorate the streets of Paris this week on the occasion of the Loewe 2020 autumn-winter man parade. In them you only see your bust, with your tongue out, a gesture that mimics the expression of a player when he wins, or when he fails, and only a few braces of a silver bra appear.

’We have to talk about everything. We have to tell the truth and not be afraid. Find her, live her, I know! “Says Rapinoe in For real, a series of short films that accompanies the campaign directed by the Englishman Benn Northover. Neither in the first nor in the second the clothes are the protagonist.

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