Meghan flies to New York to see Serena Williams play in the US Open


Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, flew to New York to see her friend Serena Williams play in the US Open final.

Second Times, the Duchess of Sussex, 38, flew commercially, following a reaction that caused four private jets in 11 days.

Second The sun, it is said that the mother of one has flown this morning and is expected to return to the UK at the end of the weekend.

A source told the publication: "It's a last minute journey. Excited to support her friend, and then come back. "

It is thought that the Duchess of Sussex is flying on her own, leaving Prince Harry, 34, and little Archie, born in May, and her staff behind her.

Meghan should be accompanied by her security team, however.

It is said that the Duchess wanted to support Serena, 37, and that she stayed up late to watch her play in the semifinals last night.

The game lasted only 70 minutes after Williams beat opponent Eina Svitolina, 24, in two sets.

It was all over by night; less than seven hours after the Duchess boarded a plane to New York.

It was not confirmed by which airline the duchess flew, but a source said The sun which is thought to have flown from London Heathrow Airport.

Meanwhile, sources said to the New York Post that Meghan's trip to New York was partly motivated by the damage control after the outrage at his use of a private jet for this summer family vacation and the kerfuffle he caused by prohibiting people from taking pictures of her at Wimbledon.

"It is coming after the scandal for the people who photograph it at Wimbledon this summer and will arrive with at least two police protection officers," the source said, "but they will not be able to prevent the stupid from shooting photo".

Other sources have claimed that Markle's last minute trip to the tournament was a "publicity stunt" after she and her environmentalist husband Prince Harry became angry when they opted to fly in a private jet for a trip home. of Elton John in France, despite the carbon of the impact on the planet. Sir Elton defended the royal couple after the backlash, saying it was necessary for their safety.

The journey comes when Prince Harry has mistakenly claimed to fly commercially 99% of the time.

It turns out that the Duke of Sussex has used private jets for six out of 10 flights since he married Meghan Markle in May 2019.

The couple was recently focused on preaching how everyone should "play their part" in reducing their carbon footprint.

Meghan, the impromptu journey of the Duchess of Sussex through the Atlantic for a few days is likely to anger the critics who have labeled the royal couple "hypocrites" in recent months.

Buckingham Palace was contacted but declined to comment.

The final will take place tomorrow and will see Serena, who became the mother of her daughter Alexis Olympia last September, in the final with 19-year-old Canadian player Bianca Andreescu.

Last month, television host Ellen DeGeneres, 61, jumped into the "ecowarrior" couple's defense after being labeled "hypocrites" for taking four private jets in 11 days.

This article first appeared in The sunand is republished with permission.



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