While the palace is busy preparing for the coronation, Meghan Markle has reportedly announced her new project. It is rumored that what she plans to do would worry the British royal family especially King Charles III. We tell you a little more in the next lines.

Meghan Markle, her new project shakes the monarchy

Meghan Markle would have more than one trick up her sleeve against the royal family. After the various unpackings through a documentary on Netflix “Harry & Meghan” as well as the memoirs of Prince Harry “The Substitute”, she has other plans in mind.

According to rumours, the Duchess of Sussex plans to take over her old blog “The Tig”, closed six years ago. Indeed, it is a platform that she created in 2014 where she shared her life and her advice. Moreover, she decided to stop it before her marriage to Prince Harry.

Her return could cause further tension with her in-laws as she is sure to touch on sensitive topics and reveal other family secrets. Apparently, she still has things to say and new revelations about the Crown.

A new legal battle

In this sense, according to Sophie Elsworth, author for The Australian media, it would be a real concern for Buckingham Palace. The latter revealed Meghan Markle and her new project will shake the monarchy.

Especially since she is going to talk about the art of responsible living and family relationships. Moreover, it is not the subjects that are missing since the beginning of his friction with the royal family. Many people are also wondering if the former actress will make any revelations that could harm the royal family.

In addition, note that the Duchess of Sussex has embarked on a new legal battle. This time, she wants to get a trademark for the name “The Tig”. In case of victory, it could put its site online.

For your information, the name of this site refers to the favorite wine of Prince Harry’s wife, which is Tignanello.