Meghan Markle reveals Archie's new milestones during a surprise visit to military families


Baby Archie now has two teeth and is crawling, revealed the Duchess of Sussex.

News of the milestones came when Meghan and Prince Harry made a surprise visit to military families at a local community center in Windsor yesterday.

The royal couple seemed relaxed and in their element as they shared coffee and cake with their parents and played with their young children.

In a video shared on Instagram, Meghan could see a five-year-old girl while Harry sat on the floor, surrounded by children holding out toys.

In another scene, the Duke and Duchess chatted with three children while they were delivering flowers to them.

"Look at all your little teeth!" Said the Duchess to a child.

"Archie just had two teeth, two little ones right there," he said.

The young royal, who had just turned six months old, was smiling and scruffy as he accompanied his parents on their 10-day tour to southern Africa at the start of this year.

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"I tell you what, [Archie] clearly loves Africa too, because he was looking up from the window, he found his voice now," Harry told the locals in Cape Town.

"He was bouncing up and down, making more noise than he ever did, and smiles all the time."

While Harry liked to travel to Africa with his son, he said he was admired by military families who often had to spend months and years apart.

"It's incredibly difficult. I have so much respect and admiration for anyone who has to deal with it," he said.

A mother, whose husband is tied to the Welsh guards, told The Sun that she had enjoyed exchanging stories with Meghan.

"My daughter Aeris is the same age as Archie and we talked about weaning and children starting to crawl – she's just a normal mom and it was like talking to a friend," said Amy Thompson.

The visit precedes the Sunday of memory, when the United Kingdom will pay tribute to all members of the service who lost their lives in military conflicts since the First World War.

"Every year in November we stop to remember and honor all those who have served their country here in the UK, through the Commonwealth and around the world," the royal family said.

But Harry and Meghan also wanted to show support to families of service personnel who are currently deployed abroad.

"A reminder that a life of service does not simply describe the person wearing the uniform, but the entire family," he said.



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