Meghan Markle’s vegan diet

Meghan has always led a healthy lifestyle and that is also reflected in what she prepares to eat.

From Monday to Friday, follow a strict vegan diet: no meat, no eggs, or any other food of animal origin.

Although he gives himself a little whim – he leaves them for the weekends.

When getting up

The actress confessed not to drink anything before drinking a large glass of hot water with lemon. Known for its purifying effect, it is ideal to start the day well.


She is a fan of the acai bowl and usually accompanies it with blackberries, banana, and almond milk.

Include a fruit cocktail, or as a smoothie, in your breakfast every day.


Meghan is a fan of one of the strongest food trends in recent years: the avocado toast; which is nothing more than toast with avocado and some condiments.

Opt for kale salads, quinoa, onion and vegetable dishes among others.


Meghan is a lover of watermelon, especially if she eats it with a little cinnamon or in a salad with feta cheese, mint and olive oil.

His daily whim is snacks, which vary, but all within a list of healthy foods, such as carrots, hummus, avocado, nuts or grapes.


He has confessed to being a fan of tacos, and especially salmon ones. And with good reason, it is a food rich in fatty acids and vitamins.

Meghan loves Italian food accompanied by a good glass of wine.

A pasta with pecorino Romano cheese, Parmesan and olive oil.

He prefers to opt for natural apple, ginger, lemon and even spinach juices. Sometimes he mixes them with milk.

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