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Megyn Kelly posing on the set of her new show, “Megyn Kelly Today” at NBC Studios in September 2017. (Charles Sykes / Invision / AP)

Megyn Kelly and NBC News have finally found something they can agree on after months of deadlock: they are finally and officially made one with the other.

“The parties have resolved their differences and Megyn Kelly is no longer an employee of NBC,” read a joint statement by Kelly and NBC released Friday.

Kelly will receive the remainder of his three-year contract, worth $ 69 million, which has only been completed halfway and will end in the spring of 2020. But, however distinct the corporate separation announcements, it does not become crueler than a fast single farewell phrase.

He makes no mention of the fanfare who greeted Kelly when NBC News president Andy Lack courted her by Fox News in 2017. She also makes no mention of how the relationship between the news star and the network has deteriorated. C & # 39; were Kelly’s racially insensitive comments around Halloween where he wondered why black costumes were considered racist; the disappointing ratings of the morning show; his big salary; and his thesis that the leaders of NBC opposed his aggressive coverage of the sexual harassment scandals of the network.

All these problems have played at the end of Kelly’s time with NBC and have led to the dramatic closure of one of the most closely observed reports on the news.

The two sides were different about the way Kelly’s mandate was to be described in the communiqué announcing his departure, with his representatives advocating a more elusive recognition of his contributions to NBC News.

However, NBC News leaders resisted praising Kelly without explicitly mentioning his controversial comments, according to three people familiar with the negotiations.

Kelly also long suspected NBC’s colleagues to disclose information about her, including her $ 23 million annual salary, which created significant envy within NBC’s 30 Rockefeller Center headquarters. It is unclear whether Kelly is bound by an agreement that prevents her from freely talking about her time at NBC, but “is satisfied with the final resolution”, according to a source close to her.

In the deal there is not a non-competitive language, but neither side expects Kelly to immediately jump into another TV opportunity. A standard separation agreement clause will stipulate that if Kelly finds another job before her NBC contract is fully paid, then NBC can subtract her new salary from what she owes to her.

Kelly and her husband happily greeted the paparazzi on Thursday night on the streets of Manhattan. According to the video posted by TMZ, Kelly said it would “definitely” be back on TV in 2019.

The statement comes 2½ months after NBC canceled its morning program, “Megyn Kelly Today”, in late October. Much of the grudge between the two parties exploded in the first weeks after the cancellation, although it took several weeks to finalize the deal.

A participant in the negotiations compared it to a divorce proceeding that drags long after the couple has been separated. “You hate one another and want to kill each other, but once you’ve separated yourself, the urgency decreases,” said this person.

Immediately after the controversial comments, Kelly apologized to her colleagues, and again with the audience the following day on the air. But the damage has been done.

Although the comments on the black face were the impetus for the cancellation of his show, the seeds of his disappearance were planted months before. In July, she and Lack had a conversation about issues with the show and its disappointing ratings. In August, Kelly had started preparing to extricate herself from her bankruptcy program.

She consulted with new consultants in hopes of solving her problems with NBC, according to two people familiar with her discussions. Shortly thereafter, Kelly spoke strongly of her show about the need for an external investigation into NBC News’s decision not to send a report Ronan Farrow and his producer, Rich McHugh, have reviewed allegations of sexual violence against Hollywood magnate Harvey Weinstein. Previously he had presented women who presumed the former “Oggi” presenter Matt Lauer harassed her in his show. Kelly also spoke of extensive support from NBC News for Tom Brokaw, who was charged with sexual harassment, saying, “You do not know what you do not know.”

In its last week on the air, “Megyn Kelly Today” had 675,000 viewers between 25 and 54 years, according to Nielsen. A few weeks after getting the boot, in November, the third hour of “Oggi” had 741,000 spectators between 25 and 54, a jump of about 10%. Earlier this week, NBC announced the new hosts of 9:00 of “Today”: veteran Al Roker, meteorologist Dylan Dreyer and journalists Craig Melvin and Sheinelle Jones.

Kelly, once a star of Fox News, had long cherished the ambition to abandon the conservative news bubble and enter the top of the major broadcast personalities, with the ambition to become a mix of Oprah Winfrey and Charlie Rose.

He once said he wanted to “help people” just like Oprah. The title of his memoir suggested that he wanted to “settle for more”, a concept that credited the self-help guru Dr. Phil with inspiration. He debuted in his morning show of NBC “Megyn Kelly Today”, saying it was “a little over with politics for now”.

Kelly wrote in her book about her own sexual harassment at the hands of Fox News co-founder Roger Ailes, who denied until her death in May 2017.

Where it will land is not clear. It should appear on Dr. Phil’s podcast in several weeks, a person near you said.

His former boss, Lachlan Murdoch, will take over as CEO of Fox News’s parent company and recently shot speculation that Kelly would return to Fox News.

Murdoch said he is a Kelly fan and he hoped he would be back, but added that he was “very happy with our current training on Fox, and we will not make any changes.”


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