World Meidling station becomes the emergency quarters «

Meidling station becomes the emergency quarters «

  • 9,920 people have so far been tested positive for the new type of corona virus in Austria (status: 2 p.m.). 52,344 have been tested. 108 died and 636 recovered. 999 patients hospitalized, 193 in intensive care (as of 9:30 a.m.).
  • The number of cases in the Federal states: Burgenland (182), Carinthia (274), Lower Austria (1,597), Upper Austria (1,589), Salzburg (911), Styria (1,035), Tyrol (2,323), Vorarlberg (641), Vienna (1,370) – Stand: 2 p.m. .
  • Government took stock and decided on new measures:
    • shopping should only be allowed with a protective mask.
    • At risk are exempted from work.
    • All Hotels, pensions and other quarters for “tourist purposes” must close.
    • Sample tests in 2000 people should provide information about the infection rate. The result should be available at the end of the week.
    • shops are before schools and universities to open again.
  • Twelve year old girl died in the aftermath of Covid-19
  • Minister of Education Fassmann wants to gradually reopen the schools – but only after Easter
  • Mask requirement in supermarkets – which open questions remain
  • Caritas extends help and sets up emergency shelter for the homeless at Vienna-Meidling train station
  • US entry stop for Europeans should be extended
  • Infographics – All figures at a glance: The corona virus in Austria and around the world

Tuesday March 31st

3:40 p.m .: Minister of Education Faßmann promises laptops for students

The minister has also received numerous indications that schoolchildren in socio-economically weak families in particular have difficulty with distance learning. For those who cannot afford it, digital end devices should therefore be made available – speaks laptops.

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15:23: Corona update: Everything about mask protection in the new podcast

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3:22 pm: Situation in Tyrol is a “snapshot”

For the first time, slight relaxation in Tyrol with regard to new corona infections: As of Tuesday afternoon, 2,395 people tested positive for the virus, compared with 2,267 the day before. The number of people recovered in the past 24 hours was higher than that of the newly infected, said LH Günther Platter (ÖVP).

A total of 387 people in Tirol have survived a coronavirus infection so far, 117 have been declared healthy since Monday alone. The number of newly infected, however, was only 57. “This is a very gratifying matter,” said Platter. If the development stays that way in the next two to three days, you could say “maybe you are on the right path”, emphasized Günther Weiss, director of the university clinic for internal medicine.

3:21 pm: Make protective masks yourself – instructions


3:15 p.m .: AUA brings 300 Austrians home from Sydney

On the night of Wednesday, an AUA machine will land that will bring 300 Austrians and EU citizens from Australia to Vienna on behalf of the State Department. The outward flight was the longest non-stop flight of the domestic airline in its history. The fully occupied machine is expected between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m.

A machine from Malaysia landed in Vienna on Tuesday morning, carrying 5.3 million protective gloves on board.

3:05 pm: New economic sectors in the times of Corona

Decontamination is booming as a new line of business in the crisis. For example, the ISS service company already has around 100 Covid-19 specialists in use and is now also responsible for issuing protective masks for supermarket chains.

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3 p.m .: How to wear the protective masks correctly

From tomorrow, protective masks will be mandatory in supermarkets. Niels Miorini from the Institute of Applied Hygiene shows how to put on and take off the protective mask properly.

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14:57: Wolverine baby “Odin” was born in Herberstein

In the Herberstein animal world, which is currently closed due to the corona virus, there were unexpected offspring in the wolverine enclosure: the young parents, Malcolm and Sunna, have been living in Eastern Styria since August 2016. The mother gave birth to a male cub: “Odin”.


2:52 p.m .: Vienna corrects the numbers of the ministry

The Ministry of Health for Vienna recently has almost two million inhabitants 367 ventilators reported – and thus less than for Lower Austria or Styria. According to the city, this number is incorrect. In fact, the public hospitals currently had more than 1,000 intensive care beds with respirators, the Health Council said on Tuesday Peter Hacker. More than a quarter are still free.

2:39 pm: 13,000 Carinthians have lost their jobs

>>> The live article from Carinthia

2:25 p.m .: State of emergency in Iran extended

The state of emergency in Iran could, according to President Hassan Rouhani be extended. “We have extended the state of social contact reduction (from 3rd) to April 8th,” he said. Until then, all Iranians should stay at home to avoid a new wave of infection.

According to the Ministry of Health, almost 45,000 infections and 2,898 Covid-19 deaths have been registered in Iran to date.

2:06 p.m .: The global death rates in a graph

2:05 p.m .: In France, doctors are suing the government

More than 600 doctors took legal action against the French government in the corona crisis on March 19. So far, more than 350,000 people have signed the petition to support the lawsuit. What do doctors accuse politicians of? “State lies” in dealing with the corona virus among others. The charge is for failure to provide assistance and negligent homicide. According to the doctors, the government was aware of the dangers of the disease, but did not act early enough and reacted incorrectly, such as the provision of protective masks and tests for Covid-19 and the isolation of those affected.

2 p.m .: Tokarczuk, Nobel Prize for Literature, locates the EU’s surrender

For the Polish Nobel laureate Olga Tokarczuk, the corona crisis shows the weaknesses of the European Union: “The EU basically surrendered,” she wrote in a guest contribution for the “FAZ”. And: “The virus reminds us: The borders continue to exist, they are fine.”

>>> More about the statements

1:55 pm: Threatening incident in Vienna

A 19-year-old raced through an underground car park in Vienna-Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus. When two men tried to stop him, he threatened her and coughed at her. The man was arrested by the police.

>>> More about this incident

1:51 pm: Everything for shopping with a protective mask

Tomorrow Wednesday the big four of the domestic grocery trade – Spar, Rewe (Merkur, Billa, Penny), Hofer and Lidl – will start to issue mouth-nose masks for customers. What that means now, read here.

1:47 pm: Meidlung station becomes a shelter for the homeless

>>> More about Caritas

1.45 p.m .: Stefan Raab organizes replacement song contest

Good news: TV entertainer Stefan Raab and the Eurovision Song Contest have a long friendship. In contrast to this year’s ESC, this will not be canceled either: Raab will hold the “Free European Song Contest” on May 16.

>>> More about the ESC

1:15 pm: How politicians govern at home

This is what governing looks like in times of Corona – a look at the home offices of politicians, who now often govern from home.

In Berlin especially the German one Chancellor Angela Merkel made headlines with their home quarantine. The CDU politician recently reported from the home office that she was “very, very busy”. She spends a lot of time in video conferencing and telephone switching. “Still, I’m missing a little bit that I can’t attend the cabinet meetings personally, for example, that I don’t see the people then, or that I don’t have any personal contact now.” In the meantime, no infection was found even on her third test. Nevertheless, Merkel wants to continue to do business from her home quarantine in the next few days.

(c) AP (Fabian Strauch)

In the country particularly affected by the pandemic Attilio Fontana (68), Regional President of Lombardy, the first political celebrity to put himself in isolation. In February, a few days after the outbreak became known in his region in the north of the country. He had worked closely with a corona infected. A first test with the politician of the right Lega had given him the all-clear. However, he became a role model because he gave interviews from the quarantine with a face mask several times. Other politicians and experts later did the same – their home office TV pictures became style-defining in Italy.

(c) AP (Daniel Dal Zennaro)

The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had to withdraw into domestic isolation after he tested positive for the coronavirus. He also has to stay away from his pregnant fiancee Carrie Symonds. He is in his apartment on Downing Street. As reported by the British media, meals are put outside his door and government documents are also stored there. Johnson is optimistic: “Without a doubt, thanks to the marvels of modern technology, I will communicate with my entire top team to lead the fight against Covid-19,” the prime minister said in a video message.

(c) APA / AFP / 10 Downing Street / – (-)

Pope Francis withdrew from the public in the course of the Corona crisis. In early March, the Vatican replaced the 83-year-old’s larger appearances with video messages. He lives behind the thick walls of the Vatican in the Santa Marta residence. But that’s not a real quarantine. The pontiff continues to receive individual visitors for audiences. In photos you can see him without a face mask, and there are reports that he also shakes hands with guests – even though he belongs to the high-risk group due to his age. In mid-March he even walked the empty streets of Rome and prayed in two churches for an end to the pandemic.


In Spain, numerous top politicians have tested positive for the corona virus, including several members of the Prime Minister’s cabinet Pedro Sánchez. Sánchez himself has been criticized several times by the media because he calls for social distance but does not exercise much caution himself. Newspapers have assured that he has never appeared in public with a protective mask and is getting dangerously close to his employees at the Palacio de la Moncloa seat of government. His wife María Begoña Gómez (45) is infected himself. It is not known to what extent the socialist is keeping a distance from his wife these days.


The Russian president Wladimir Putin is in the home office in his suburban residence Nowo-Ogarjowo – but without speaking of quarantine. From there he does the video switching – and rules digitally. He sent all of Russia on a week-long vacation this week. But many criticized that he did not impose curfews and no contacts at the same time. In the meantime, the Russian capital Moscow and some other regions have introduced at least extensive exit restrictions.

(c) AP (Mikhail Klimentyev)

Donald Trump recently signed the third aid package in the Oval Office of the White House – surrounded by 15 cabinet members, advisers, members of Congress and senators who stood close together around the US President. Trump’s guidelines on coronavirus containment avoid overcrowding of more than ten people. CNN journalist Jim Acosta scoffed on Twitter: “Social distance? Not when the economic law was signed in the Oval Office.”


As in Norway, strict corona measures apply in Denmark. Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen“The pandemic, which was exacerbated particularly early, encourages itself and others:” Every day I try to start the day with a little fresh air for body and mind, “she wrote recently on a selfie of herself in front of a lake on Facebook . “I know how much this time demands from you. Thank you for your great commitment. We stick together – everyone for himself,” she added.


Much of the Riga cabinet is self-isolating, including the head of government Krisjanis Karins. In an interview, he gave an insight into his daily routine. “In the morning I was very happy, I spent almost 40 minutes outside in the garden. Wonderful weather! My God, how beautiful the sun was shining. I walked a bit through the garden, breathed fresh air …”, he told the Latvian private broadcaster SWH . Despite “working from home”, Karins always shows up with a suit and tie in online appearances. When asked if he wasn’t at least sitting around in front of the computer in sweatpants, he replied that he would feel uncomfortable.


Prime minister Ludovic Orban was in isolation in a guest mansion of the government for eleven days until March 24th. He only left his home office in the middle of the month to take the oath of office with the new government. Amazingly, there were no pictures of it. However, the Presidential Office explained in great detail that all the ministers, Orban and President Klaus Iohannis present there had worn masks and gloves. The ballpoint pens with which the ministers signed their official oath were thrown away after one use. All objects that they touched during the oath of office – including the Bible on which they had to put their hands – were disinfected after each oath.

(c) AP (George Calin)

12.49 p.m .: Domestic federal museums in crisis

Closed – what consequences the corona epidemic will have on museums. The directors Sabine Haag (KHM), Stella Rolig (Belvedere) Klaus Albrecht Schröder (Albertina), Christian Köberl (NHM) and Peter Aufreiter (Technical Museum) in short interviews.

>>> More about the federal museums

12:36: 12-year-old died in Belgium from Covid-19

Sad news from Belgium: As a result of infection with the coronavirus is a 12-year-old girl died who had had a fever for three days before. “This is a very rare case, but it shakes us very much,” said the official spokesman in Brussels on Tuesday. It is the first corona death of a child in Belgium.

>>> More about Belgium

12.30 p.m .: Pope Francis warns: Protection of people comes before the economy

Pope Francis wrote in a handwritten letter to an Argentine judge. In it, he emphasized that he was already “thinking about the aftermath”. Among other things, the pontiff called “hunger, especially among people without a permanent job, violence, the emergence of usurers, crime”. And: He recommends a book on questions of the economic future Italian-American economist Mariana Mazzucato from the University College London in 2018: “I think that helps to imagine the future.”

12.20 p.m .: The forecasts for economic growth

Experts see economic growth in relation to Corona shrinking – between minus 2 and minus 4.5 percent. The forecasters of the Austrian National Bank are also waiting for good news – for 2021 they already see a “comparatively strong upswing”.

>>> More forecasts

12.14 p.m .: British Premier Johnson increasingly under pressure

The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, himself tested positive for Covid-19, is under increasing pressure to tackle the corona pandemic. According to the British Medical Association, the clinic and general practitioners lack equipment such as masks and disposable gloves. Nurses had reported that they had to take care of patients without protection. Every fourth doctor is now “sick or in isolation”.

12:00 p.m .: Mask Maker: Protection from the 3D printer

The government’s obligation to wear a mask when shopping in the supermarket announced by the government due to the corona crisis is calling the Austrian “maker” community into the picture due to existing supply bottlenecks. They use their knowledge and 3D printers to manufacture components for face masks.

The Vienna Happylab, a – usually – open workshop, equipped with digital production machines such as laser cutters or 3D printers, is closed to the public because of the measures prescribed by the federal government. The technical devices are still running hot to produce so-called “face shields”. The design by 3D printer manufacturer Prusa and the Czech Ministry of Health looks different from ordinary face masks: a curved screen made of a plexiglass-like material is supposed to protect the face.

11.45 a.m .: Faßmann: “Everyone will and can graduate”

Minister of Education Heinz Fassmann (ÖVP) announced today about further steps and measures at schools and universities in the Corona crisis. He asked all those affected to start: “The corona crisis is not the time to build up pressure to perform at home,” the minister warned. A regular daily routine with learning phases makes sense when dealing with this situation. “Everyone will and can graduate,” said the minister.

Read more here.

11:38: Alcohol donation to the Federal Army – for disinfectants

The Military Command Upper Austria receives a donation from 4,000 liters of alcohol – not for drinking, but for what is urgently needed To produce disinfectants. Thanks to the ongoing trend towards non-alcoholic beer, you sit at the Brau Union on high percentage reserveswhich should now benefit the protection of the soldiers.

The alcohol comes from the Dealcoholization plant in Wieselburgwhere it was taken from the beer. In principle, it is edible, but can also be used in times like these to produce disinfectants, the company reported in a broadcast on Tuesday.

The Federal Army has already picked up the alcohol in the course of a dangerous goods transport. At the Vogler air base in Hörsching in Upper Austria, hand disinfectants are now being produced. Other ingredients include Methyl ethyl ketone or glycerol – substances that are normally used in the maintenance of aircraft. This disinfectant is not intended for the medical field, but is used by those soldiers who work to support health care and food supplies.

11.35 a.m .: Parliament building site starts up again

The parliament building site in Vienna has been standing still since March 18 due to a suspected corona case, and is now picking up speed again. The suspicion has not been confirmed, said a spokeswoman for the Federal Real Estate Company (BIG) on Tuesday. No other cases are currently known, it was said. The construction site is slowly starting up again.

In the past, up to 500 workers were at work on the parliament building site.

11.30 a.m .: Indonesia no longer allows foreigners to enter

Indonesia imposes one on the fight against the corona virus Entry and transit stop for foreigners. There will be exceptions for diplomats and other official visitors as well as people with permanent residence, announced Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi on Tuesday. From when the entry stop applies, he did not say.

There are 1414 confirmed cases of the virus that can trigger the lung disease Covid-19 in the Southeast Asian island nation. Other states have introduced a similar travel ban, including Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Indonesia – especially its holiday island Bali – a popular destination for tourists. The last return flights of the German federal government for German vacationers should start from Bali on Tuesday evening. An Austrian repatriation flight had already brought 280 vacationers from Bali and Kuala Lumpur to Vienna on Sunday.

11.05 a.m .: ÖGB and AK want to extend the special childcare time

The current regulation of Special care time for children requiring care is loud labor union and Chamber of Labor insufficient. There was an “urgent” need for an extension until normal operations in schools and kindergartens were resumed Legal right for employees and the federal government bears the costs.

According to the current regulation, employers are entitled to a third of the remuneration paid to employees in the special care period by the federal government. To date, however, there has been no legal entitlement for the employee to take advantage of the special care time.

10.50 a.m .: Salzburg extends quarantine to three municipalities

The State of Salzburg extends the quarantine to three more municipalities. Next Flachau, the Grossarl Valley and the Gastein Valley are now too Altenmarkt in Pongau as well as the Pinzgau communities Zell am See and Saalbach put in isolation, said governor Wilfried Haslauer on Tuesday in a video livestream.

The quarantine is being tightened for the 2,800-inhabitant community of Flachau, in which 62 people have already tested positive for Covid-19 by Monday. There will also be the Rush-hour traffic prohibited, said Haslauer.

Since March 19, Flachau, the municipalities of Großarl and Hüttschlag in the Grossarl Valley and the municipalities of Bad Gastein, Bad Hofgastein and Dorfgastein have been in quarantine because the corona diseases had accumulated in these three areas of the Pongau region for various reasons.

10.20 a.m .: Number of infected people in Tyrol is falling for the first time

In Tyrol, probably the most severely affected by the coronavirus in Austria, the number of people currently infected has decreased for the first time. While 1,984 people were still infected on Monday morning, 24 hours later on Tuesday morning there were only 1,914.

The reason for this is likely to be that the number of people who recover every day has now exceeded the number of new infections. On Monday, 270 people in Tirol were recovered and 1,984 were currently ill – the total number of previous cases was 2,267 (including the 13 deaths previously reported). The number of cases tested positive overall rose to 2,320 by Tuesday morning (including 19 deaths). This already applied on Tuesday 387 people recovered, which brought the number of people currently sick to 1,914 people, below the value of Monday.

From Monday to Tuesday morning, Tyrol registered 53 new infections, but also 117 newly recovered. However, the number of deaths had increased by six in the past 24 hours to a total of 19.

10.10 a.m .: Internet Ombudsman warns of online fraud

The Corona Crisis Invokes Fraudsters: Cyber ​​criminals use that Boom in online shopping warns the internet ombudsman. Virtual fake shops mainly lure with medical products such as Respirators, disinfectants and protective clothing, there are also fake e-mails from alleged parcel service providers or mobile phone providers.

Read more here!

10.05 a.m .: Online wine trade grows

According to ÖsterreichWein, many online wine retailers are currently experiencing remarkable growth rates. The domestic wine chain Wein & Co has almost tripled its online sales in the past 14 days compared to the previous year’s average.

10 a.m .: Moscow: Walking is only allowed with a dog

After yourself Russia Long before the virus thought it was safe, the Kremlin is now turning to harsh measures: exit restrictions in big cities; Compliance should be strictly and digitally monitored.

9.50 a.m .: Med-Uni Innsbruck carries out antibody tests in Ischgl

The Medical University Innsbruck wants in Tyrolean Corona hotspot Ischgl perform so-called antibody tests. This should make it possible to draw conclusions as to how many infections are asymptomatic, reported Ö1 in the morning journal on Tuesday. According to the Innsbrucker Virologist Dorothee von Laer a kind of local herd immunity may already have arisen in Ischgl.

Read more about it here!

9.40 am: Stay at home “bravest weapon” against virus

US actor Matthew McConaughey (“Dallas Buyers Club”) has called on its fans to support doctors in the fight against the corona virus and to take isolation seriously. “Staying home is not a retreat. It is the bravest and most aggressive weapon we have against this enemy,” he said in one Video on Instagram: “So we can beat it.”

9.30 a.m .: Experts expect a massive drop in car demand

Industry experts expect a sharp slump in the coronavirus pandemic Car demand this year. In the event that the outbreak of the pathogen can be successfully contained in two to three months and the economy will only gradually recover after that, the experts at the consulting firm McKinsey assume that there are more than five million fewer cars produced in Europe and the United States.

That would be one in the EU Minus 30 percent to the original estimates, according to a company survey. In the United States, the decline is 30 to 35 percent.

8.50 a.m .: German theater workshops sew protective masks

Several German theater workshops want to help in the corona crisis and now produce simple protective masks. The Berlin stage service, which normally works for opera houses and the state ballet, has its first orders.

Around 300 masks were sewn for an old people’s and nursing home, said managing director Rolf D. Suhl of the German press agency. Around 300 more are to be built for a second home. Doctors’ surgeries, pharmacies and a clinic company had also asked.

The masks are sewn from boil-proof cotton fabric. There are similar initiatives in other German cities, such as Mainz and Leipzig. In order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, there have long been no performances at theaters.

8.35 a.m .: Dutch flower trade collapsed – damage in the billions

The Dutch flower trade is badly hit by the Corona crisis. Sales declined by more than 70 percent, Royal Flora Holland spokesman Michel van Schie told DPA. If the crisis persists, the sector expects total losses of two to three billion euros.

8:20: Pastor in Florida did not want to close the church

An evangelical pastor in Floridawho despite the Protective measures to contain the coronavirus Has held major events in his church, according to a CNN report arrested been.

The US broadcaster wrote on its homepage on Monday: “Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne said he would not close the doors of his mega church in Tampa, Florida until the End time begins. The police were unwilling to wait that long. “The Sheriff in charge in Hillsborough District, Chad Chronistersaid, Howard-Browne was accused of violating assembly and health emergency rules. Chronister said after the report that the authorities had asked Howard-Browne several times to close his church.

8.15 a.m .: German minister: “Big data only with voluntary action”

he German Minister of Justice Christine Lambrecht has clearly against one mandatory cell phone tracking pronounced in the corona crisis. “It can only be done voluntarily,” the socialist politician told Deutschlandfunk on Tuesday. “It is quite an intervention if I have such data available.”

As in Austria is also in Germany currently under discussion about the use of cell phone data to combat the corona virus. The so-called Corona Committee of the German government discussed the question of digital tracing of infection routes on Monday, but made no decision.

8:00 a.m .: Appeals for less pressure at home class

With the School closings Austria’s teachers have switched their lessons to distance learning and digital communication with great creativity and commitment. For many families, schooling at home means one big burden – especially for those who already have fewer resources and therefore poorer educational opportunities. Experts | advocate relieving pressure.

Teachers are on the brink of a balancing act, as an elementary school teacher from Vienna-Meidling describes: While the parents warn against overwhelming the children with too many tasks, the head of the school and the ministry of education say: “You will continue to be paid, you have to do it.” An extension of school closures after Easter will often bring parents to the limits, she fears. “The potential for conflict increases, the frustration tolerance less.”

7.50 a.m .: Viennese clinicians: Pregnant women are not a risk group

Pregnant women should get through SARS-CoV-2 or the Covid-19 diseases don’t be overly scared. This explained Florian Kiefer from the Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism from the Vienna University Clinic for internal medicine III towards the APA. He sifted through the scientific literature on SARS-CoV-2 and pregnancy.

7.40 a.m .: South Korea with an increase in new infections

The number of recorded daily New infections with the corona virus in South Korea is back to more than 100 gone up. On Monday, 125 cases were added, the health authorities said on Tuesday. So far, 9,786 people have tested positive for the Sars CoV-2 pathogen. The number of deaths related to the virus rose by four to 162.

7.35 a.m .: tightening of curfew in Spain

In Spain there is one on Tuesday night as well drastic and controversial tightening the curfew to combat the corona crisis came into force. Since midnight, all citizens who are not in major economic sectors are no longer driving to their job.

The corresponding decree of the left government is initially valid until April 9. The construction industry and large parts of the industry are particularly affected. So far, as part of the alarm status that has been in effect since March 15, all people who could not work in the home office were allowed to continue to go out to do their jobs. All those affected should continue to receive their salary and make up for the hours they have not worked.

7.25 a.m .: Great Pyramid in Giza illuminated with slogans

On the Great pyramid in Giza messages about the coronavirus pandemic have been projected. “Stay safe”, “Stay at home” and “Thanks to those who keep us safe” was now in blue and green light signals on the mighty tomb of the Pharaoh Cheops nahe der ägyptischen Hauptstadt Kairo zu lesen.

The pyramids of Giza, like numerous other tourist attractions in the country, are currently closed due to the pandemic. There were 656 officially recorded corona infections in Egypt until Monday, at least 41 people died of Covid-19 lung disease caused by the virus. The country’s tourism sector has largely stalled as a result of the pandemic.

7.20 Uhr: Trump: Einreisestopp für Europäer soll verlängert werden

The one initially limited to one month Einreisestopp der US-Regierung für Besucher aus Europe should be extended. Diese und ähnliche Beschränkungen würden in Kraft bleiben und möglicherweise sogar verschärft werden, sagte US President Donald Trump.

This will help limit the further spread of the corona virus, Trump said. “It is very important to have limits.” Around mid-March, people from the Schengen area, Great Britain and Ireland can no longer travel to the USA.

7.10 Uhr: Spanien verbietet alle Beerdigungszeremonien

Spanien hat wegen der Coronavirus-Pandemie alle Beisetzungszeremonien verboten. Die Teilnehmerzahl bei Bestattungen ist bis auf Weiteres auf maximal drei dem Verstorbenen nahe stehende Menschen beschränkt, wie es in einem am Montag veröffentlichten Regierungsdekret heißt.

Die Einschränkungen bei Beerdigungen gelten bis zum Ende des derzeitigen offiziellen landesweiten Notstandes, der vorerst bis zum 11. April befristet ist. Similar burial restrictions already apply in Italy. After Italy, Spain is the country with the most fatalities in the pandemic worldwide. Laut der jüngsten Bilanz vom Montag wurden in Spanien 7.340 Todesopfer verzeichnet, in Italien waren es 11.591.

5.04 Uhr: Mehr als 3.000 Tote in den USA durch Coronavirus

In den USA ist die Zahl der Toten durch die Lungenkrankheit Covid-19 auf mehr als 3.000 gestiegen. Das geht aus Daten der Universität Johns Hopkins hervor, die am Montagabend (Ortszeit USA) 3.008 Todesfälle verzeichnete. Die Zahl der bestätigten Infektionen mit Sars-CoV-2 in den Vereinigten Staaten stieg demnach auf mehr als 163.000.

US-Präsident Donald Trump hatte die Amerikaner in der Coronavirus-Krise am Sonntag auf dramatische Opferzahlen vorbereitet. Wenn es gelinge, die Todeszahl durch Eindämmungsmaßnahmen auf 100.000 zu begrenzen, “dann haben wir alle zusammen einen guten Job gemacht”, sagte Trump. Protective measures to contain the virus should now apply until the end of April.

The latest developments worldwide in the live blog:

More on the topic (c736433c)

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If you are with you Cold symptoms notice, then the following applies: stay at home and avoid contacts with other people!
If there is an additional fever or if the condition worsens, it should Healthphone 1450 to be called.
At general questions please select the AGES Infoline Coronavirus: 0800 555 621 .
The number 1450 is only for people with complaints! The rule is: always inquire by phone first, never go to a doctor’s office or hospital with suspected corona!

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Who had contact with people from the affected regions or comes back to Austria from these regions and
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