Melina Johnsen: – Sentenced to prison for 90 days

Tuesday met reality profile Melina Johnsen (25) in Oslo District Court, where she confessed to the circumstances for which she was charged – driving under the influence of drugs, driving without a license and violating the body.

In court, Johnsen was dressed in the gunpowder, yellow jacket, over a light blue top. In the Louis Vuitton bag she had a bag of Dundersalt with her. She had a friend with her in the courtroom.

14.30 the same day, the sentence was ready – Johnsen is sentenced to 90 days in prison. She is also sentenced to a fine of 45,000 kroner. In addition, she gets a four-year suspension period on her driver’s license.

– When the driving is considered as a whole, it must be characterized as very irresponsible and ruthless, the judge says during the judgment reading.

He says that Johnsen at one point was up to 150 kilometers per hour while driving under the influence of drugs.

– To the court, it appears lucky that the drive ended without an accident, he continues.

DEFENDER: Lawyer Cecilie Nakstad represented Melina Johnsen in court. Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB
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The incident of violence comes in as an aggravating factor during the overall sentencing. She receives a deduction of two days for prolonged custody. Johnsen has two weeks to appeal the sentencing or accept the result.

– She has taken time to think and will use it, Nakstad says to Se og Hør when asked how she views the punishment.

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Thought the penalty was too high

It had been announced in advance that the prosecuting authority would be that the 25-year-old should serve 100 days in prison. Johnsen’s defender, Cecilie Nakstad, thought the penalty was too high, and asked for 45 to 60 days, excluding penalty discount.

You get a penalty discount in confession cases.

The conditions Johnsen has now been convicted of took place on the night of Sunday 23 August last year. Nearly half past two in the morning, she kicked a man in a fast food restaurant in Oslo.

In court, she denied kicking him in the crotch, as she was accused of, and thought she kicked him in the leg.

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Admitted cocaine use

Shortly afterwards, almost an hour later, she was behind the wheel of a Porsche Cayenne while under the influence of drugs.

– When I drove that car I did not think, I made a stupid choice and played cool, if I may say so, she said about driving under the influence of drugs.

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She was tried to stop by the police, but drove on. The police had to stop the persecution as they thought it was not justifiable to continue. Two hours later, the police gained control of the car, the reality profile and the owner of the car.

Johnsen admitted to having ingested several units of alcohol, as well as cocaine.

– I was affected, I was. I acted in panic, she told the court about when she was discovered by the police.

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