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Melissa Klug, in it ‘Mother’s Day’, shared with trome the most recurring phrase that he says to his children and he defined himself as a “lioness mom”, because he puts out his “claws” to defend them and added that she is always worried that they are happy and can fulfill all their dreams.

Melissa, how do you define yourself as a mom?

I consider myself a ‘lioness’ mom, because I get my claws out for my children and I always fight to see them happy, I wish all their dreams come true. For me that is the most important thing.

What is the most recurring phrase you say to your children?

‘Go to sleep because tomorrow you have school’. ‘Where are they that it’s nine at night? and it’s 7 pm (laughs)’, it’s because I worry and I always want to protect them. I also tell them ‘and my love, I love you’.

What has been the biggest surprise that your children have given you and that you will never forget?

They always manage to fill me with surprises at all times, in performances, breakfasts in bed, lunches, little gifts that they prepare for me, there are thousands of things that I could not list.

TROME | Melissa Klug on Mother’s Day


Melissa Klug has also revealed that she would like to become a mother for the sixth time, as her maternal instincts woke up again when her granddaughter Xiana was born, who now lives in the United States with her mother Samahara Lobatón Klug.

Yes, I would like to have another child, my granddaughter Xiana has awakened that desire in me, I am not ruling it out, time will tell”, pointed out the chalaca.

A few weeks ago KlugHe was in USA visiting his daughter and granddaughter xianaand from there he shared several stories on his Instagram account where he was seen playing with the little girl who already goes to school in the land of Uncle Sam.


On the other hand, Melissa has been caught up in a tense situation with the father of her sons Jefferson Farfán, because she claimed the little time he spends with them.

The same as always, the lack of time. Before it was because she lived abroad, now? My children are grown and I am not going to allow him to continue damaging them psychologically, and a lot of abuse. And since he loves lawsuits and lawsuits, we will continue to see each other there. There is no other way, but I will not allow more damage to my children”expressed the “Blanca de Chucuito” in the program of Magaly Medina.

Then he pointed out that he did not feel “alluded” by the hints of the former soccer player, who posted a message on Instagram that said: ‘The easy life is over, work, wor, work’.


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