Melissa Paredes confessed that she already had her first fight with Anthony Aranda: “It wasn’t out of jealousy” | entertainment | nndc | TVMAS

Lima, January 13, 2022Updated on 01/13/2022 11:20 am

The model Melissa Paredes She appeared again on the program “Mujeres al commando” as host and took the opportunity to continue commenting on details of her new relationship with the dancer Anthony Aranda.

In the recent edition of the morning program of Latina Television, Paredes confessed that in the short time that he has been with Aranda they have already lived a little of all the experiences, they have even starred in their first fight.

“We have not fought. Oh no, we did fight, but it wasn’t out of jealousy.” assured Melissa Paredes. However, the model preferred not to tell details about the reason for the discussion: “I’m not going to tell you, I’ll tell that another day.”

Likewise, Melissa Paredes was also encouraged to tell what is what most attracts her new partner’s attention, to which she assured that she is independent and likes to take the initiative in various situations.

I like that he’s not a mama’s boy that he has to wait for things to work for him, that you take care of him, take the initiative”, assured Paredes, who also acknowledged that he calls Aranda “baby” and “love”.


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