Melissa Paredes confesses that she received indecent proposals after divorcing Rodrigo Cuba

Melissa Paredes made a tremendous confession during the Women in Command sequence. (Photo: Instagram)

On her last day as a guest host of the morning show Women in Charge, Melissa Paredes revealed that several celebrities invited her out as soon as they found out that she had divorced the footballer Rodrigo Cuba. Who are they about?

This was revealed during the sequence “The honesty test”, where he participated together with the host Thaís Casalino and the guests of the day, Elizabeth Acevedo and Lesli Suarez. The question was raised by Giovanna Valcarcel: “Have you ever received an indecent proposal?”.

The ‘Chabelita’ and Melissa answered yes. The winner of Reinas del Show confessed that a man asked her for a private dance in exchange for money, which she categorically refused. “He went to my (beauty) salon and told me… I thought it was a musical, but no, he told me it was private. I stayed (mute)”, Held.

For his part, Paredes assured that his indecent proposal was much more light than Elizabeth’s. As he recounted, Several celebrities contacted her once she signed her divorce with “Gato” Cuba, a fact that happened at the end of November 2021.

You know, when they think you’re single, everyone starts writing to you, sending indecent proposals… partners, friends…”, Initially indicated the ex-host of América Hoy to the surprise of the guests.

When Lesli Suárez asked her if it was a soccer player, Melissa preferred not to go into details. “Hahaha, how scary. I’m not going to say (names)… Obviously (they were well-known people). When one is single, they invite you to go out, a coffee, a little lunch, a little meal. And my boyfriend next door…”, he maintained without saying more.

Melissa Paredes made a tremendous revelation in Mujeres al Mando.


During that same sequence, Giovanna Valcarcel He embarrassed Melissa by asking if they had ‘thrown’ the pear, if he had pulled a course at school, or if he had played ‘drunk bottle’. But nevertheless, the most tense moment was when Giovanna asked him if he had ever lied in his life.

“Have you ever lied?”, consulted Valcárcel. Seconds later, Melissa, who looked uncomfortable but with a smile on her face, answered yes like Thaís, the ‘Chabelita’ and Lesli, who had no problem answering the question.

“HA! I’m not going to ask why and when…”, Giovanna mentioned, noticing that Paredes did not want to go into details. However, the former host of América Hoy indicated how often she lied in a start of sincerity.

“Forever…”, expressed to everyone’s surprise. “But little white lies, always”he added quickly.

Let us remember that after spreading the ampay de Magaly Medina, where she is seen kissing her dancer, Melissa assured that she had already separated from ‘Gato Cuba’; However, the footballer came out to deny it at the national level through a statement.

Giovanna Valcárcel continued with the questions and Melissa Paredes revealed that she had once apologized and cried for a person. But the Peruvian model did not want to answer when asked if she had already found the love of her life.

Melissa Paredes underwent the “sincerity test”.


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