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Análisis de Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory para Xbox One.

The saga Kingdom Hearts accumulates since its first delivery for PlayStation 2, back in 2002, a total of 20 sets. This franchise of Square Enix it has played the vast majority of consoles, even having a game for mobile devices. To make matters worse, all the titles have their own stories that connect with each other based on sequels and spin-offs, creating an immense plot as well as convoluted. Luckily, the latest project of Tetsuya Nomura, Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, offers us a recap of the most important moments of the adventures of Sora and company with a very special game system.

Personally, when I learned that the new installment of Kingdom Hearts would be a music video game, I thought that the saga had reached its limit. It was strange to see a game where Sora, Donald and Goofy defeated hordes of the Heartless to the beat of the music, Guitar Hero style, while watching cinematics of the title in the background. Fortunately, I have been pleasantly surprised by analyzing Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, as it has much more content than it appears.

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory. Repasando la saga en clave musical

If there is something that has marked all the Kingdom Hearts games in their history, it is their impeccable soundtrack. This is precisely the key piece on which all this new title is based.

The main campaign of KH: Melody of Memory is called “World Tour”. In this game mode We will explore each and every one of the worlds that have appeared in the series in its almost 20 years. Aboard the well-known Gumi ship, we will travel to iconic places such as the Destiny Islands O City of Paso. In each of these worlds we will find mainly two songs, the one that was used at the time to set the world and the battle.

When the melody of the level starts, our goal will be advance through an infinite staff with the three characters in turn. At the beginning and according to the order that the saga follows, we will manage the mythical trio formed by Sora, Donald and Goofy. As we go we will be allowed to change our protagonists, being able to play with Roxas, Axel or Xion (among others). There will also be no shortage of assistants on duty from the Disney movies corresponding to the world in which we are.

KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory Acompañante

Recurrently, throughout the game they will appear scenes as video summaries where Kairi, as narrator, will remind us of the events that occurred in each of the installments. This will give us context to what happens on screen. As an epilogue, approximately in the last half hour of play, Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory will provide new details that will help to understand the end of KH III with its Re Mind DLC and what could come in the future with a possible fourth installment of the main saga.

KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory Resúmenes

Giving the note

The objective to overcome each mission (or song, rather) will be complete the pentagram by eliminating all enemies that appear on our way to the rhythm of the music. To do this, we have three buttons to hit the exact moment with each note. [LB], [RB] or (A) to attack when there is a Heartless in one of the three lanes; [LB] Y [RB] at the same time when there are two simultaneous enemies in the lanes of the ends or all pressed at the same time for when the three rows are occupied.

According to our precision, we will receive in each note a score of Good, Excellent or an Excellent multicolor when we press it in the perfect instant. Although if we fail and collide with the Heartless or are hit by an attack, our life will decrease. If the life bar reaches 0 the melody and the game will end.

KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory Mecánicas

To dodge these attacks we will have to jump with the button (B). Jumping will also serve to reach flying enemies or glide by holding it down to accumulate floating notes that will increase our score. Finally, there will be no spells, which we can use by correctly pressing (Y) at the indicated times, when green triangles appear on the staff.

At the end of each song the game It will give us a score that varies between C and A +++, the latter being the maximum score if we get a perfect melody. The boss fights They will also be present, changing the arrangement of the elements on the screen, adding new combinations of buttons and making the handling of the measures somewhat more difficult.

KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory Jefe final

Play it again Moguri

The gameplay of Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory could be repetitive or boring if we think that all levels will be similar. Nothing is further from reality. Each song from the different worlds has various requirements that will have to be fulfilled in order to advance to the new planets. Further, all songs will have three variations of difficulty, these being Beginner, Normal and Expert.

KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory Dificultad

This last level is the most challenging and motivates you to make a great effort, since triple the number of enemies will appear, that is, more notes to play. In some of these advanced modes, there will be a greater chance that when the melody is completed, a chest with crafting materials, potions or playing cards for our collection.

As in all Kingdom Hearts, we will have at our disposal the “Moguri Goldsmith”. In this game it will be included in the option “Equipment Menu”. Here we will create potions and new powerful objects (such as one that allows us to summon King Mickey on our team) to help us in each symphony. We can equip them at the beginning of the levels. When crafting any lens will increase the experience of Moguri, giving us the ability to create new and better recipes by leveling up.

KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory Moguri

The perfect homage to Yoko Shimomura

The strong point of Melody of Memory is in its vast musical repertoire. In the mode “Selection of Topics”We will find a range of 150 themes in total that are icons of the saga. All of these songs can be unlocked in World Tour mode or by crafting them at the Moguri Goldsmith. The latter, called “mnemonics”, They put the nostalgic part in the game based on cinematics that happen in the background while Sora flies over the staff and the mechanics vary slightly.

KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory Temas

In Selection of Topics We can choose to play with the standard system of the World Tour mode or with the Simplified style. This allows songs to be completed using just one button; ideal for the most inexperienced with the world of video games. On the other hand, there will also be the Advanced style, which adds additional objectives that involve greater player response with new buttons that join the function.

Finally, in the “Museum”We will be able to see all the cards that we have obtained so far. The cards are nothing more than collectibles that will add hours of play if you are one of those who like to unlock everything. Illustrations of the saga, scenes, characters and all the Keyblades that have accompanied Sora and his friends throughout the history of Kingdom Hearts. We will also find a Gramola to freely play any of our favorite tracks.

KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory Museo

Duets somewhat out of tune

When talking about the multiplayer facet is where one realizes that Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory falters a bit, especially in the cooperative.

To begin with, in the mode called “Duels”We will compete against other players in online games to get the best marks and scores, each one choosing a song. The funniest thing about this is that even We can send “tricks” to our rival so that he loses the beat. Among these tricks will be the possibility of making the enemies are tiny, that they crash against the screen when hitting them so that the rival loses vision or even make them invisible.

KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory Duelo

The Cooperative is more limited. To play with friends, the staff will be divided into two sections within the same song. The melody will be played by the two players, but the score will be divided to decide which of the two has tuned the notes better. As I mentioned before, this mode is quite weak if we take into account that Square Enix has only enabled 21 songs for this mode, which I still do not quite understand very well.


Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory From one twist on the Tetsuya Nomura saga and it is a real surprise in its game mechanics. Mixing an action RPG with a music title is a long shot that has finally paid off fantastically well. He knows how to make the most of all his possibilities, avoiding falling into monotony and encouraging us to continue playing to get the best score and unlock new rewards from the Museum. The lack of themes in the cooperative mode is remedied by the fun online multiplayer offers. In my opinion, Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory is the perfect tribute to one of Square Enix’s star franchises and to a soundtrack that only someone like Yoko Shimomura could have created.

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory

59,99 €

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory carátula


  • Magnificent musical repertoire
  • Fun and challenging mechanics
  • Lots of replayable modes
  • Very original online multiplayer


  • The cooperative has few themes
  • Video summaries are sometimes too quick and concise

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