Meloni suffers a telephone hoax from a "impostor" Russian who posed as an African leader and extracted information from him about the war in Ukraine

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The Prime Minister of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, has been the victim of deception by a Russian “imposter” who, posing as an African leaderhe obtained information by telephone about the European position on Ukraine and on immigration matters.

The Office of the Diplomatic Counselor of the Italian Presidency issued a statement today to regret having been “deceived by an imposter who had posed as the president of the African Union Commission.”

This subject, the note reads, was connected by telephone with Meloni on September 18, within the framework of the “intense effort” at that time to strengthen relations with African leaders before the United Nations General Assembly. The “deception” was perpetrated by the couple Russian comedians Vovan and Lexuswho in the past did the same with other European politicians, and have published the conversation on their networks.

Firstly, Meloni is critical of the European management of the migration phenomenon. “Europe has long believed that it could solve the problem by leaving Italy alone. They do not understand that it is impossible because the magnitude of this phenomenon involves, in my opinion, not only the EU (European Union) but the United Nations“, Meloni is heard saying. And he adds: “But the problem is that others are not interested. They didn’t answer the phone when I called them. “Everyone agrees that Italy has to solve this problem alone and that is a very stupid position.”

During an important part of the conversation, the supposed “African leader”, the impostor, asks the prime minister about the war in ukraine after the Russian invasion and whether he foresees an end. “I see that many are tired. To tell the truth, we could be close to the moment when everyone will understand that we need a way out. The problem is finding a way out that is acceptable to both parties without destroying international law,” he says.

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