Meloni warns against demographic collapse in the West but rejects immigration solution

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The fall in the birth rate will cause a “total collapse” in Westaccording to the opinion of the Prime Minister of Italy, the far-right Giorgia Meloni, on Thursday in her speech at the Demographic Summit which is celebrated in Budapestand during which he rejected immigration to solve that trend.

“Developed countries are advancing towards a total collapse. We have to see the causes. Demography is the challenge in capital letters,” he said Melons before the participants in an ultra-conservative conference, which is held between Thursday and Friday and whose main topic is the family, and in which ultra-conservative and far-right leaders participate.

According to Meloni, the image of the family has changed in recent decades to the point that it “fades” and stated that “the future is very worrying.” Italia It is one of the European countries where the birth rate is lowest, barely 1.24 children per woman, below the European average of 1.56.

In this sense, Meloni gave as an example the family policies of Hungary, where this rate has gone from 1.2 in 2010 to the current 1.6. Furthermore, the head of the Italian Government stated that “values ​​such as national identity or religion are under threat.”

“In our struggle, we must defend the family, God and all those elements that constitute our civilization, and we must not fall into the idea that anyone who talks about these (elements) is retrograde,” he stated. Meloni reiterated that he rejects immigration to fight demographic decline.

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