Meme cryptocurrencies boosted Bitcoin transactions

The month of May seems to be the month of the cryptocurrency meme. Increasing attention on these highly volatile assets led to Bitcoin transactions rising in May.

The month of May seems to be the month of the cryptocurrency meme. The growing attention on these highly volatile assets resulted in the transactions of Bitcoin rose considerably these first days of May.

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According to data from the statistics portal, CryptoFees, so far in May the fees have reached a two-year peak. However, they would still be a long way from reaching the historical top of that network.

A renewed fever for parody cryptocurrencies or “memecoins” caused Bitcoin transactions to soar. Particularly, currency trading gains momentum Pepe Coinwhich enjoys great sympathy among retail speculators in the sector.


Pepe Coin, which is a BRC-20 token, has emerged as one of the assets with the greatest interest since then and occupies a large part of the scalable capacity of the network. During the first days of May, the token grew by approximately 600%. The side effect of this rise in popularity of the meme token is that it caused a noisy increase in the price of Bitcoin transactions.

PEPE was consolidated in third place among the meme cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, only surpassed by Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) and the market capitalization of the meme cryptocurrency has exceeded 1.245 billion dollars, to consolidate within of the top 50 in the cryptocurrency ranking.

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