Entertainment Memes about Don Martín's party in Pasión de Gavilanes...

Memes about Don Martín’s party in Pasión de Gavilanes – Noticias Caracol

The party outing of Don Martín, the Elizondo sisters’ grandfather, ended in sadness due to a heart attack. As in the soap opera, users of social networks showed their concern.

However, there was room for laughter, as Don Martín’s party at the El Alcalá bar served many as comparison and even illusion about the return to the bars.

Another situation that caught the attention of Internet users was the love drama between Juan Reyes and Norma Elizondo, which was crossed by a confusion between Dinora Rosales and Manolo.

The broadcasting of Pasión de Gavilanes on Caracol Televisión has become a phenomenon and a constant topic of conversation among digital audiences.


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