Meningitis in Dijon: a new vaccination campaign is aimed at young people between 17 and 24 years old

About 40,000 people are involved in over 150 municipalities living in the Dijon and Genlis basins, about twenty kilometers, according to the Regional Health Agency (ARS).

A death in December

"Following the epidemic (end of 2016), there have been no cases for a year.We have seen meningococcus W reappear in December 2017", he told AFP Olivier Obrecht, deputy general manager of the ARS. Five new cases were reported in six months in the department, including four in the affected area. One of them, a 23-year-old man, died in December.

Only two were students and the health authorities now turn to all young people " reside, work or study in these areas of life. "" It is not a new epidemic. However, because every time is exactly the same stock, it was decided to launch this campaign ", which begins October 1, said Obrecht.

After three cases, including two deaths, which occurred at the end of 2016, about 14,000 people were vaccinated at the beginning of 2017 on Dijon campus, including over 10,000 students, or 41% of the target.

"The stock was always present"

"Obviously, the stock was still present and continued to circulate unseen in this population of young people" according to Obrecht, whose age group is most affected by the disease.

"In France, this campaign is the first in the general population against meningococcus W", underlines the LRA in a statement. It should extend until March but "Its duration can be readjusted".

"Relatively rare infections"

Invasive meningococcal infections are relatively rare in France, with 546 cases reported in 2017 causing 62 deaths, according to data from Public Health France, which shows an increase in the incidence of serogroup W since 2015.

The ARS, which has a budget of between 500,000 and 900,000 euros of direct costs, insists on the "seriousness of the infections of which this strain is responsible (mortality rate of 32% in 2017 in France)" and "l & # 39; effectiveness of the vaccine ".

Students vaccinated in 2017, protected for five years, are not interested.


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