Mental Health Spain and Instagram launch guides to help maintain mental well-being


The Confederation of Mental Health Spain and Instagram have teamed up to develop the first ‘Instagram Guides in Spain’, in order to help maintain emotional well-being and mental health among the population, especially after the Covid-19 crisis.

These are three guides, the objective of which is to offer a series of recommendations for adolescents, social and health personnel, and to facilitate reconciliation and adaptation to the new reality. Instagram launched this product during the Covid-19 crisis to help its community find “trustworthy and interesting” content.

The three guides can be consulted on the account of the confederation (‘@consaludmental’), and content creators and public figures have participated in them, such as’ @damianalcolea ‘,’ @Alfonsocasas’, ‘@debihasky’, ‘@mienfermerafavorita ‘, and other organizations such as’ @unicef_es’, and from the Mental Health Spain Network itself (‘ @saludmentalcyl ‘).

Within each Instagram guide you can access publications and videos of the different accounts that have collaborated by contributing content, along with tips and recommendations to improve and preserve mental health. “Finding ways to make mental health visible and provide useful information that allows understanding, preventing and addressing mental health problems. The crisis has revealed the need to take care of aspects of mental health in all areas of life. Instagram It has offered us the opportunity to bring quality content, and now more necessary than ever, to various sectors of the population, especially adolescents and young people, main users of this social network, and to whom it is traditionally more difficult to raise awareness ” , has settled the president of the Confederation of Mental Health Spain, Nel Gonz├ílez.

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