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It is strange to describe this, but as you might have known in advance, Kristóf Milák won an Olympic gold medal on a 200-meter butterfly. In the final, the Hungarian swimmer rose out of the field in the usual way, and finally with a street length, he beat the runner-up by two and a half seconds. And before the final his pants were torn. He didn’t look happy after that, maybe he was expecting a better time from himself.

In this issue, Tamás Kenderesi slipped off the podium by only seven hundredths of a second. Katinka Long finished seventh in the women’s 200m medley final. Yesterday didn’t have a good day either, the whole Hungarian press dealt with why he didn’t say at home that he didn’t want to swim on 200 butterflies. Then Zsuzsanna Jakabos could have started instead.

There is a good chance for another Hungarian medal on Wednesday: the Hungarian swordsman team led by Áron Szilágyi in these minutes he fights in the semi-finals against the Italians. The events in Tokyo on Wednesday we broadcast here.


With the help of augmented reality tools, Microsoft Hololens virtual glasses can project information onto our field of vision and share the image we see with others. In the photo dr. Thomas Gregory, chief physician at Avicenne Hospital in Bobigny, is seen drawing a virtual prosthesis in front of a real one. Realistic illustrations of the glasses can also be seen by specialist Gregory colleagues.

Photo: RAPHAEL DE BENGY / Hans Lucas via AFP

Suddenly the number of hospitalized patients with covid disease jumped, after 55 reported on Monday, there are already 73, according to data from Tuesday. The 18-person increase is a very large percentage, with nearly a third more people in need of hospital care on Monday than on the weekends. The number of people in need of mechanical ventilation has also increased, there are currently 11.

These are still very low numbers, but the growth is clear and now official speakers also acknowledge that this is indeed the delta variant. According to Cecília Müller, so far 58 cases of the coronavirus delta variant have been identified in Hungarian samples. Secretary of State István György said more than 20 cases four days ago, so there was a tripling here in a few days.

According to Müller, the increase is also reflected in the wastewater data; In all three sampling locations in Budapest and in four large rural cities – Pécs, Miskolc, Szekszárd, Salgótarján – the amount of coronavirus hereditary material in the water samples increased. All in all, this means that infection rates may soon increase at the same rate as in recent weeks in Western European countries.

The only question is how much devastation can be caused by the infections of the fourth wave in the Hungarian population. In any case, Britain is a good laboratory for this, where 92 per cent of the population in England and Wales can now be immune to the virus through either vaccination or natural infection, compared to which the number of people infected is still very high. In Hungary, we estimate that the rate of immunity lags far behind, which can now be 65 percent. In other words, with the approach of autumn and the beginning of school, a much larger non-immunized delta variant may be released to a much larger unimmunized population.

We already know from Britain that there the proportion of men among newly identified infected people has jumped sharply during EC matches. The correlation is strong, with the same jump being seen at the final of this year’s Champions League between two British teams, and then the gender gap in the data disappeared with the end of the European Championships. However, the epidemic did not spread primarily in stadiums, but in joint match-watching held in typically enclosed spaces.


Photo: Csaba Krizsán / MTI / MTVA

RTL Newsletter managed to get a spreadsheet from which it becomes clear what combination of vaccines is recommended by the National Center for Public Health procedure for third vaccinations:

  • AstraZeneca: Pfizer, Moderna and Sinopharm
  • Janssenre: Pfizer, Moderna Sinopharm
  • Modernára: Sinopharm, Janssen, AstraZeneca
  • Pfizerre: Sinopharm, Janssen, AstraZeneca
  • Sinopharmra: Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Janssen
  • Sputnik-V: Pfizer, Moderna, Sinopharm

The third vaccination can be registered on the ​​website from the second half of the week for those who have received the second vaccination at least four months ago. The third dose can be reported at the GP or through the appointment at hospital vaccination points, where the doctor will decide which vaccine to receive.

It is a good question who will ask Sinopharm for the third time if you are really free to choose. The Hungarian vaccine has been distributed free of charge by the Hungarian government to friendly countries for some time, while asking for money for Western vaccines – because someone is willing to pay for them.

The vaccination campaign for people over the age of 60 will also start on Sunday, in which GPs, volunteers and university students personally visit elderly people who have not yet been vaccinated against the coronavirus.


Photo: Kiss Bence / 444

Three quarters of Hungarians are poor at EU level, which is even higher than in Bulgaria. In the EU, only Romania is worse off.

Most Eastern European countries have been able to carve out their income disadvantage over the last fifteen years compared to the EU average. There is only one exception: Hungary. Our financial situation has improved, but at the same pace as the EU average.

It can help Hungarian households to the Monetary Council raised the base rate to 1.2 percent, which will continue to fight against rising domestic inflation. The bad news, however, is that from Sunday, VAT on takeaways and home deliveries is no longer discounted. The government cut this from 27 percent to 5 percent last November to help distressed restaurants. With the re-raise, there will certainly be fewer orders, and restaurants will have less turnover.

However, the most important event for the Hungarian budget is that The Hungarian government was granted a two-month delay in negotiating the EU recovery plan

Although Viktor Orbán had already ruled on Friday that the European Commission could delay the adoption of the country’s recovery plan only because of homophobic amendments to the law, Commission spokesman Veerle Nuyts said on Tuesday that the Hungarian side had responded to the EU committee’s proposal and was ready to work constructively with to resolve issues.



Now there is news every day from all over the world about fires, heat, climate change. In Greece the forests, In Pest county only the stubble burns. However, the most spectacular images came from China, where a sandstorm besieges a complete city.

For sure in the future Heat waves similar to those in North America will also become more frequent in Europe. The question is more that it is possible to save the Earth while constantly growing the economy?

Achieving sustainability goals is difficult, but not impossible, just by coordinating the global economy and environmental protection. The theory of non-growth, veganism, or the roof gardens of buildings painted super-white can also help with this, but one thing is for sure: without cooperation, there is no future for today’s society.

One of this collaboration an important element of sustainable agricultural production. The 13th European Precision Agriculture Conference held in Budapest last week also revealed that this may also require a tractor plowing with GPS, a ground probe smart sensor, a spray drone swarm and satellite yield estimation.


American Parachute Battalion in North Carolina.



Photo: RTL Club / The farmer would get married

How many hours would you gnaw to get them to blaze a dam? A really quality trash experience is provided by the farmer dating running on RTL, in which the farmers work for free with their potential dating partners, who are literally competing with an iron fork for them.


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