Mercado Libre launches the Combo +, which includes Disney + and Star + – El Financiero

The Walt Disney Company announced the arrival of Star, one of the brands that Disney bought to incorporate into its platform of streaming Disney +. According to the statement, this service will cost 199 pesos; Likewise, they announced that there will be a package called Combo +, which will cost 249 pesos and will include subscriptions to Disney + and Star +, which aims to represent a saving of 30 percent on the price that both services would have separately, which would be 358 pesos.

Mercado Libre was not far behind when it found out about this, and that is why it announced that it will have discounts for all its users in the Combo +.

Let’s talk about the biggest discount, aimed at its users who have a level six of Mercado Puntos. For them, the Combo + will be available at no extra charge, with the only condition that they remain at level six; if they lose their position, this benefit is automatically canceled.

In the case of users who previously contracted this service through Mercado Libre or Mercado Pago and reach level six of Mercado Puntos, their previous subscription will be canceled and the Cobo + will be activated, which we remember includes both services of streaming.

However, the benefit will not only be for Mercado Libre users who have this level. In the same way, the platform announced that there will be discounts to acquire the Combo + depending on the level in which they are; the higher the level, the greater the discount granted by Mercado Libre. Then we leave you the snows and corresponding prices:

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-Level one: 225 pesos per month.

-Level two: 199 pesos per month.

-Level three: 175 pesos per month.

-Level four: 150 pesos per month.

-Level five: 125 pesos per month.

In case you have purchased the Disney + subscription without Mercado Libre and are interested in obtaining this benefit, it is necessary to stop the current subscription and ask to link your account with the Mercado Libre account.


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