Mercedes absolute dominance of free practice at Sochi

The Finn scored the fastest time in the first period with 1:34.427 in front of his colleague and Verstappen III, to come back and improve it in the second by recording 1:33.593 minutes in front of Hamilton and Frenchman Pierre Gasly (Alvatore).

The “Silver Arrows” team continued its supremacy at the Sochi circuit, where it won all races without division with anyone since the award joined the world championship calendar in 2014. Hamilton imposed himself 4 times against once for his former teammate, German world champion Nico Rosberg (2014) and twice for the current Finnish Valtteri Bottas (2017 and 2020).

The second period of testing witnessed the Italian driver of Alfa Romeo Antonio Giovinazzi in an accident that prompted the race organizers to raise red flags and stop the competitions for about 10 minutes, knowing that doubts swirl about Giovinazzi’s future with his current team.

Ranking of the top five for the first period:

1- Valtteri Bottas (Finland/Mercedes) 1:34.427 (25 laps)

2- Lewis Hamilton (UK/Mercedes) 1:34.638 d. (23)

3- Max Verstappen (Netherlands/Red Bull) 1:34.654 d. (13)

4- Charles Leclerc (Monaco/Ferrari) 1:35.117 d. (22)

5- Sebastian Vettel (Germany / Aston Martin) 1:35,781 d. (23)

Ranking of the top five for the second period:

1- Valtteri Bottas (Finland/Mercedes) 1:33.593 d. (19)

2- Lewis Hamilton (UK/Mercedes) 1:33.637 d. (22)

3- Pierre Gasly (France / Alvatore) 1:33.845 d. (22)

4- Lando Norris (UK/McLaren) 1:34.154 d. (17)

5- Esteban Ocon (France/Alpine) 1:34.402 d. (23)

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