Mercedes is recalling over 150,000 cars worldwide

Mercedes-Benz is currently recalling certain examples of the A and C-Class. There are problems with the air conditioning and software. Read here which production periods are affected.

Anyone who owns a Mercedes may need to take the car to the workshop. The Daimler AG is recalling over 135,000 A-Class vehicles worldwide. The reason: possible problems with the air conditioning. Almost 26,800 of them are registered in Germany, as can be seen from data from the Federal Motor Transport Authority.

On the affected vehicles from the production period from September 2017 to February 2019, the condensate drain hose could not be installed correctly and water from the air conditioning system could get into the interior, Daimler announced on Thursday.

C-Class is also affected

Another recall concerns almost 20,000 C-Class, GLC and AMG GT vehicles from the production period April 2018 to November 2019, of which a good 3,900 are in Germany.

The reason is a possible problem with the software of the ESP control unit. In both cases, a 30-minute visit to the workshop is enough, Daimler explained. The portal “” previously reported.


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