Mercedes Rodríguez Elvira shows her artistic career at the Library

This exhibition takes up the calendar interrupted by the pandemic


The Cantabrian artist Mercedes Rodríguez Elvira shows her professional career in an exhibition inaugurated in the cultural center ‘Los arenales’ of the Central Library of Cantabria, called ‘Merging textures for perception’, which can be seen until mid-August.

The event, framed within ‘La Cultura Contraataca’, has been organized by the Vice Presidency and Council of Universities, Equality, Culture and Sports, and opened by the general director of Cultural Action, Gema Agudo.

This proposal begins the calendar of samples interrupted by the pandemic, “which is one more step for culture to be an essential element in the new normal,” said Agudo.

In this sense, he highlighted the “need” to continue “recovering” the spaces that the coronavirus “has taken from us in recent months”, and continue to “strengthen the bond of citizens with creators.”

With regard to the Mercedes Elvira exhibition, he highlighted the “variety” shown both in the techniques used and in the topics covered, “which give a good account of the unique talent of this artist with a long career”.

The exhibition project ‘Merging Textures for Perception’ is based on sensory experiences embodied by means and techniques of plastic expression such as collages, volumes with different materials, drawings, and installations with mixed techniques, etc., since “any medium and material it’s appropriate, depending on the moment and the motivation. “

Through the tactile and visual sensations of the works, it is intended to convey a series of ideas, which could be grouped into three main sections: human nature; of an ecological nature and, finally, of the socio-political perception, which concerns our actions.

All the proposed works have in common, apart from their intentionality and expression, the study and investigation of material and graphic textures in vision and touch, as means of communication, therefore both mural format works (including drawings), like volumes, are recreated in this regard.

Mercedes Rodríguez Elvira (Torrelavega 1950), graduated in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid, is an experienced sculptor and artist who has exhibited since 1972 and with works in private collections in Spain, Germany, France and the United States and in collections of institutions like the Assembly of Cantabria, CajaCantabria, or the Vidriera; and he has made numerous solo and group exhibitions nationally and internationally.

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