Mercedes will be maximally aggressive at the end of the season

Maximum aggression. Such a tactic will be used by Mercedes in the fight for the title for the rest of the season. This was stated by his team boss Toto Wolff.

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Published 28. 09 2021 – Lukáš Štěrovský

“In a way, we are not achieving the maximum point gain, it was the same in Russia,” Wolff points to the overall weaker results of the second driver Bottas. As a result, Mercedes has “only” 33 points ahead of the Red Bull in the Constructors’ Cup.

“Qualification was decisive,” admits Wolff. “We knew it would be difficult for Valtteri to fight his way back after the penalty. In the end we finished first and fifth, that’s very good, Lewis won the 100th win.

But Max achieved a spectacular result, which is not good for the championship. In short, we must continue to be aggressive for the rest of the season, not to be on the defensive, but to try to attack and gain big points.

Neither we nor the others are currently good at maximizing the gain of points, “admits Wolff. And he’s right; it’s unbelievable, but the only team to win double this year was McLaren at Monza.

“It simply came to our notice then. I doubt that we or Red Bull will have major performance fluctuations by the end of the year. It’s just a matter of continuing the best possible work, “adds the Austrian.

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