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There are 255,245 families in Campania who received the Citizenship Income in May 2021. This is what emerges from the INPS tables, according to which in the region governed by Vincenzo De Luca alone there are more recipients of the grillino subsidy than in all of Northern Italy, where they stop at 244,113 families. In addition, the average Campania amount is equal to 623 euros while that of northern citizens is 479: important differences, which underline even more how the Citizenship Income has been thought above all for an important slice of the voters of the 5 Star Movement.

Poverty, overtaking: it increases more in the north than in the south.  5.6 million fellow citizens do not make it to the end of the month: what is the Draghi government doing?

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Among other things, that the measure is absolutely ineffective, if not downright harmful as it is conceived, is demonstrated by the fact that no one or almost anyone is now looking for an alternative job to the State subsidy and that in any case there has not been a brake on poverty. Indeed, due to the coronavirus pandemic it has even worsened: despite the Citizenship Income, 5.6 million Italians are in difficulty. In spite of the “abolished misery” praised several times by the grillini: in 2019 there were 4.6 million poor people indicated by Istat, a year later they are a million more. Excluding children, this is two out of ten Italians.

“These are thrilling numbers – he declared Fabio Rampelli, vice-president of the Chamber and deputy of the Brothers of Italy – is the failure of the Citizenship Income, a measure that is the flag of the 5 Stars, which to use the words of Di Maio it should have ‘abolished poverty’ but it did not. An unproductive measure with most of the poor excluded from coverage while the ‘non-poor’, including cunning and even terrorists and mafia bosses, benefited from it ”.

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