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Mercosur parliamentarians from the Frente de Todos repudiated Duhalde’s statements – Télam

The parliamentarians asked in their statement “for the entire opposition arc to manifest and expose their thoughts.”

The parliamentarians of the Frente de Todos of Mercosur today repudiated the statements of former president Eduardo Duhalde, who suggested the possibility of a breakdown of the constitutional order in Argentina, they judged that these sayings encourage “chaos” and asked him for coherence “between what he does and what it says “to the ex-president.

“In the current situation of a pandemic, of the fragility of thousands of Argentines, their expressions are presented as a provocation that tries to empower the darker thoughts of the native right made up of a fraction of the most conservative people and the economic corporations, “the legislators warned through a statement.

Why, being a member of a democratic party, do you encourage chaos? On whose behalf, or whom, did he express what he expressed? Was he not aware of the scope of his manifestations? “They wondered.

“Just as Duhalde bases his manifestations on the history of the 1930s until 1983, it is also possible to outline the last 37 years of our history,” they affirmed.

They noted that “from 1983 to the present” Argentina knew how to “get around” “very complex” situations, even “when Duhalde assumed a transitory mandate chosen by a contested Congress and lacking credibility in a scene of effervescence and social protest where it was unavoidable to seek a palliative solution for thousands of unemployed and excluded “.

“In 1984 Argentine society as a whole was defined under a slogan:” Never Again “, a motto that was constituted as the greatest testimony of the will of democratic coexistence in our country”, they recalled.

The ballot boxes are not stored and the spirit of coexistence, despite everything, is maintained.

Mercosur Parliamentarians – Front of All

They understood that “that will is being undermined by those who put their own interests ahead of common interests”, by those who “know how to spread fear with mechanisms that enliven the most basic human instincts in an intoxicated climate”, by highlighting “the possibility of a coup”.

“In this context we hope that the entire opposition arch will manifest itself and expose its thoughts because when there are no answers, or they are ignored, uncertainty grows, penetrating the population,” they claimed.

“From the FpV-PJ Block we ask Duhalde to explain what would be your action plan to alleviate the situation we are experiencing or to reflect on their concepts and be consistent between what they do and what they say, “they said.

“The ballot boxes are not stored and the spirit of coexistence, despite everything, remains above the expectations of any political or media destabilizer”, concluded the parliamentarians.



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