Mercury retrograde for the last time in 2021 and here’s what to expect

When the planet Mercury enters a retrograde period, it may seem like nothing is going on with our lives. This movement of the stars is occurring for the last time in 2021, and here is what it means.

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From September 27 to October 18, Mercury, the planet of communication, goes back on its axis. We can therefore expect problems with technology, sleep, memory and, not surprisingly, communication.

This very last retrograde of the year 2021 takes place in Libra, a sign associated with interpersonal relationships.

So here’s how the fall 2021 retrograde will affect us:

The effects of retrogrades on our daily life

When Mercury changes direction, it often feels like nothing is working the way we would like. This is a time when technology falters, so expect a cell phone breaking or a TV breaking.

It’s also a time when our plans often fall apart. Now is not the perfect time to plan a vacation, for example.

The meaning of the sign of Libra

A retrograde of Mercury in Libra, an air sign, it means that communication will be affected even more. Since this astrological sign is associated with relationships, one should expect quarrels between friends, couples, and family too.

We will have to weigh our words and pay attention to how we talk to our loved ones. Think before you say something that might hurt someone.

Other astrological phenomena happening at the same time

Mercury is not the only planet in retrograde at the time of this writing … oh no! No less than 7 planets are in reverse at the moment which may explain if you are not feeling your best.

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Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and the star Chiron are all in retrograde. For more details: 7 planets are in retrograde this fall, including Mercury

The signs that will be most affected

The Aries, Gemini, Virgo and Libra may live this period a little more difficult.

Aries are likely to quarrel with their loved ones over matters that aren’t normally confrontational, while Geminis are just going to have less fun than usual.

Virgos may experience financial stress, while Libras may see issues from their past come back into their lives without warning.

In summary, this period will be a full Mercury retrograde, but special attention will have to be paid to our relationships.

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