Merkel announces third wave of COVID epidemic in Germany – media

Merkel announces third wave of coronavirus pandemic in Germany

Any relaxation of quarantine measures should be carried out with extreme caution, Angela Merkel emphasized.

Chancellor Angela Merkel said Germany is in the third wave of the coronavirus epidemic. She said this at a meeting with members of the Conservative Party, reports Reuters citing two participants in the meeting on Tuesday February 23rd.

“We are now in the third wave,” Merkel said, and warned that any relaxation of quarantine must be done carefully and gradually.

In particular, the closure of all non-essential businesses and border controls with Austria and the Czech Republic, where there have been outbreaks of infection associated with a more infectious strain of the virus, have helped Germany reduce the daily increase in COVID-19. That said, slow vaccination and the risk of large outbreaks of strains already identified in Germany could make any relaxation of restrictions difficult.

“We cannot afford ups and downs,” Merkel said at the meeting.

Angela Merkel expressed her wish that any return to normalcy be handled carefully to avoid re-quarantining if the infection starts to grow again.

Recall that more than 112 million cases of coronavirus worldwide… Ukraine, in which the number of infected has exceeded 1.3 million, remains 17th in the world and eighth in Europe in terms of incidence.

It was also reported that WHO will pay compensation for victims of vaccine side effects… Benefits can be received by those affected by serious side effects associated with the vaccine received under COVAX.

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