Merkel brings Iberian passengers to Argentina – Al Arab


Buenos Aires – The Spanish airline Iberia, which took off from Madrid to Buenos Aires on Friday, was surprised to see German Chancellor Angela Merkel get on the plane to reach the G-20 summit after a technical malfunction on her government aircraft on Thursday evening.

Merkel boarded the commercial plane ten minutes before take-off, accompanied by a small delegation including her deputy Olaf Schultz, as well as a number of advisers and guardians.

The business class chancellor sat next to a passenger who did not expect to spend his 13-hour journey next to "the most powerful woman in the world".

"I know the" House of Cards "series, so I would never have expected such a normal woman," said Danish Augustin Aguero, a representative of the Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa, on August 28th.

House of Cards is an American television series about the struggles of politicians for power and money.

Merkel was forced to return to Germany shortly after the departure of her government aircraft, Konrad Adenauer, on Thursday evening, after a technical failure on the plane. Merkel landed at the airport in Cologne / Bonn and flew to Madrid on Friday in Madrid to embark on a commercial aircraft to the Argentinian capital for the world summit.

"I ate yogurt, read a book and I slept a little," said Aguero. "He had no special requests."

Aguero said that one hour before landing in Buenos Aires, Merkel entered the cabin to take a picture with the crew. "I did not dare talk to her," she said, smiling occasionally. And it was very quiet. "

Merkel and her delegation were the first to leave the plane after having landed in Buenos Aires. Merkel was able to attend the evening of the G20 leaders in the famous Teatro Colón theater in the Argentine capital.

The Argentine president Mauricio Macri welcomed the German chancellor after he was able to come to the top after a delay of about 12 hours. The prime minister of the largest European economy, during his trip to Argentina, and the quality of his plane's problems were very surprised.


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