Merkel has recognized the mistakes of Berlin in the migration policy


German Chancellor Angela Merkel during a visit to the city of Chemnitz, where the riots took place in August because of the killing of a local resident, acknowledged errors in the migration policy, but condemned the radical protest methods

Angela Merkel during a visit to Chemnitz

(Photo: Reuters)

The German federal government made mistakes in resolving the migration crisis, Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted during a visit to the city of Chemnitz, where outbreaks of riots broke out in August for the murder of a local resident.

According to DW, Merkel visited the city and said in a speech to her residents that she understood them. He defined one of the main errors that the government did not take care to recognize a number of "safe" countries and regions of the world, which would reduce the influx of refugees.

The chancellor also complained that there was no progress in resolving this problem in the Bundestag.

Merkel visited Chemnitz for the first time after the August unrest and the September protests. He tried to explain why she had not come to a meeting with the people of Chemnitz before.

"Mayor of Chemnitz believes that I was late to visit the city, we talked on the phone after August 26, he invited me to Chemnitz and I thought about it a lot – when is it better to come?" Explained Merkel (quoted in Euronews ).

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"Because, on the one hand, on the eve of the Bundestag elections, I saw how many contradictions others cause to my person." "On the other hand, I wanted to come to Chemnitz, but not at that time when the atmosphere was hot. He was reigning there, and even today I see my visit causing mixed feelings, but I wanted to visit Chemnitz, "Merkel said.

During the Merkel visit to Chemnitz, a protest rally was held, attended by several hundred people. The demonstrators sang: "Merkel must go!" And "traitor of the people".

The riots and mass protests began in Heminz after the murder of a local resident on 26 August, in which the migrants were accused. The protests against the migration policy of Berlin continued in Chemnitz between September and October.


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