World Merkel's mail hacked by Russian top spy | News

Merkel’s mail hacked by Russian top spy | News

This message magazine Der Spiegel with reference to the German authorities. Last week, top spy Badin, who also managed to get hold of the emails from Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Party and helped put President Trump in the saddle, was officially charged in Germany.

The 29-year-old hacker is considered the mastermind of the Russian group “Fancy Bear” alias “APT28”. It is also sought worldwide by the US FBI because of manipulation of the American elections. But Badin and Fancy Bear also embarrassed the German Bundestag in 2015 with a clever cyber-attack.

In addition, the Russians also obtained the mails from Merkel’s parliamentary office from the years 2012-2015, because she is not only chancellor but also a representative of the people. German detectives and security specialists were able to reconstruct the dangerous attack. Sixteen gigabytes were captured.

Cyber ​​attack

Dimitri Badin is also suspected of the cyber attack in 2018 against OPCW, the international organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons in The Hague. Four Russians with diplomatic passports were then expelled from the country. And he is said to be behind the hack at WADA, the world anti-doping agency.

But the man, who calls himself “Scaramouche”, made mistakes. German intelligence agencies found out that he had a Gmail account where he kept contracts, photos, study materials and personal letters. And when monitoring the server, they saw that the Russian top spies watched football matches during their working hours.


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