Merko for 15 million Enefit Green wind farm to be built in Šilalė district Business

More than 15 million LTL have been signed with the latter company Šilalės Vėjas. The contract for the construction of 12 power plants is worth EUR 1 million, Merko Statyba reports.

Linas Sabaliauskas, a member of the Board of Enefit Green, states that the construction of the new Šilalė II Park is another step in increasing the production of renewable energy.

Merko Statyba will start designing in August, and contracting works in mid-September. The company will build not only foundations, but also substations, on roads with a total length of about 8 km, will lay 36 km of cable routes. All construction work is to be completed in the first quarter of 2023.

The park under construction in Šilalė district will be the sixth in the list of the company’s works.

Enefit Green operates 22 wind farms, 38 solar power plants, four cogeneration plants, a pellet plant and a hydroelectric plant in Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland.


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