Merko signed 19 million. EUR construction contract for a wind farm Business

UAB Merko statyba has agreed on both design and contract works – this means that the company will be responsible for both project preparation and all contract works: touch the foundations of wind power plants, install substations and transformers, on roads, manage the entire infrastructure. Construction work will be completed in the third quarter of 2023.

“Successful work is the best business card of our company. We have even assembled a team of specialists whose main activity is the construction of a wind farm. Our people can arrange all the necessary documentation, prepare a project and get permits to implement it. And we have proved in many projects that we perform complex wind power plant construction works in a timely and high-quality manner, ”said Saulius Putrimas, General Director of UAB Merko statyba.

His words are best proved by the fact that customers, when building a new wind farm, turn to UAB Merko statyba again. Her team has already laid the foundations for fifty wind farms.

UAB Merko statyba will build fourteen wind turbines with a capacity of 75 megawatts (MW) in Akmenė district, which will be the largest wind farm of Enefit Green.

“We are happy to start another wind farm in Lithuania and thus contribute to the implementation of national climate change mitigation goals. Renewable electricity is the fastest way to achieve carbon neutrality, and wind and solar are the renewable energy sources with the greatest potential in the Baltic region. We believe that increasing the volume of local production will contribute to the regulation of the price of energy resources in the region. In addition, these constructions will allow us to supply our customers with even more green electricity in the future, ”said Linas Sabaliauskas, Member of the Board of Enefit Green.

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This is the second agreement signed between Enefit Green and UAB Merko statyba on the construction of a wind farm. A couple of months ago, it was agreed to build a wind farm in Šilalė district. The value of the contract signed with UAB Šilalės vėjas, which belongs to the company Enefit Green, is more than 15 million. Twelve wind farms will be built in Šilalė district.

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